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  1. bittersweetet

    Saudi- MOH

    Oh dear, private agency? I think you will be working in private clinic because all the dispensaries in the kingdom were managed by ministry. Is it a two year contract right? If I were to advise don't take it but it's up to you, you better apply under POEA-SRO rather than private agency. Salary and benefits are far different when u are under ministry and you are safe in the kingdom.
  2. bittersweetet

    Saudi- MOH

    What agency have you applied for? Are you under MOH? The dispensary in Saudi is far different from the set up in the Philippines. But yes, you're right no in patient and admission. You will be more expose in paper works. There are different clinics like vaccination, chronic, dental, ANC and OPD itself.. If you're assigned in type a dispensary there will be an er dept it is big and it's like secondary hospital in Phil but again still no admission. But if type b and c it will be just small dispensary with small population and you are lucky if you have co-nurse with you.. Luckily me, I've been assigned in type a dispensary and help me qualify to be staff nurse in national guard Madinah-KSA and now in king saud medical city!! If you have any question feel free to ask, I'm willing to help..
  3. bittersweetet

    Saudi- MOH

    Hi anna01. I worked in Saudi for 2 years under MOH and was assigned in dispensary!! I'm not scaring you but it's very difficult working in dispensary especially in aseer region! I've been assigned to 5 different dispensaries and it's hard having set up like that because you don't have permanent work place wherever they have shortage of nurses they will just pull you out and bring to far flung areas and I'm telling you the patient there are very uncivilized and difficult to deal with!! And as you can see they never transferred me to hospital even though how many times I've requested, not unless you will have a co-nurse to swap with! The processing of paper like for iqama, Saudi council, ijaza (vacation paper) is so difficult!! That's why I resigned... Anyway good luck and god bless..

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