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  1. Am trying to renew NP license in TN. Saw this new requirement regarding 2 hrs continuing education related to controlled substance prescribing. When did this happen? Reading the TN BON website- can only get it through the TMA site and is expensive. Anybody done this? Am working out of state and was not really following up on new requirements.
  2. FNPnewbie

    Job Search Blues and Questions

    Thank you BCgrad and lineart. Am truly trying to be optimistic and I started applying in another state and am doing endorsement of my license. Quick question though: Do I understand right that some new grads can get locum positions ? I read somewhere about a psyche new grad getting a locum as her first NP job. Zenman, can you share about your locum experience, and was that your first NP job ? Thank you so much for all your help. I pray for all the new grads who are in the same boat as I am.
  3. FNPnewbie

    Job Search Blues and Questions

    Am new at this site, and I know this is an age old topic - new grad, no job- but seriously , where are the jobs for new graduates ? I did apply for postings on occupational health, ER, urgent care ... and have been taking all the advices here. Am I the only one left ? :hdvwl: Graduated May, passed AANP July, licensed August. Anyone with me ?

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