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    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Hello All! Take my NCLEX on 10/5....love this thread! Here's some random triads: DVT - Virchow's Triad - Venous Stasis, Altered Coagulability, Intimal Changes ICP - Cushing's Triad - Decreased Respirations, Decreased HR, Increased BP Cardiac Tamponade - Beck's Triad - Decreased BP, JVD, Muffled heart sounds Mulitple Sclerosis - Charcot's Triad - Nystagmus, Intention Tremor, Staccato speech Fat Emboli - Bergman's Triad: Mental Status Changes, Petehiae - esp chest and axilla, dyspnea That's it for now....back to reading threads....only on page 52! Thanks for everyone's hard work and for sharing your pearls of wisdom! Bezeley

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