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    NMC delay and ONP Course at Bournemouth

    The journey is a tough one I must say but I am not relenting.I received my decision letter in May 2012 which is almost expired and I am yet to get a placement(I am resident overseas) When I finally got one last month,the agency(Epitome academy) said the university requires 9 months of my NMC letter because I need to do 6months supervised practice and I have about 4months left. I need to have the decision letter extended by the ONP but I can't do it without an ONP offer because the extension mus come the Uni. I pray I don't have to repeat this process all over again(i.e applying to the NMC) Now it's back to the drawing board.Looking for a Uni can give me an offer and appeal to the NMC on my behalf.It's a bit complicated but I'm hopeful. You can contact Epitome Academy in Derby if you are in need of a placement(they take overseas applications too)

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