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  1. StudentNurse123

    BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2012

    Hey nurse coop I can't send private messages for some reason, text me *****
  2. StudentNurse123

    BHSN-Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing Fall 2011

    Hi!! I hope everyone is enjoying BHSN and/or the application process (goodluck!). I completed NU101 last fall and took a year LOA to have my baby boy!!! (now 8 months old) and I will be returning to NU102 Oct 26, 2011. I am looking forward to my return but I am def nervous about it as well. I remember freaking out before during and after every exam!!! I have actually looked into outher nursing programs (BSN) and found that they are structured completely different! For those of you who are now getting a taste of NU101, you can see that a lot of material is covered and you will need to know everything for the exam! So for example, you are learning about sanitary practices, nursing theory, vital signs, nursing history, nursing associations and more...ALL of that info will be cramed togther on the FIRST exam and this will happen on each subsequent exam. BSN programs have individual courses that focus soley on nursing theory for example and the exam in that class will only pertain to that topic...much more focus and structed (for me anyway). Has anyone been in a BSN program but switched to a certificate program such as BHSN?! I feel that a BSN program, more organized and focused but longer to complete, might be a better option. BHSN overwhelms the students with so much information that is scattered and unrelated but presented as an entirety that it almost makes it impossible to retain it all and then spit it back out for the exams with the hopes of carrying it on to one's career. Thoughts? I already have a Master's Degree (which i found easier/more realistic to obtain) and for some reason am fearful of my return. I do also have distractions such as two children and work (which I will be stopping) but I clearly recall seriously stressing out because of the abundance of info at one time. I look forward to meeting you all!! Support is key- I made some great friends in my first six weeks there last year and am thankful for them.

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