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nettaNDAvalley has 12 years experience and specializes in rehabe.

I am a 35 year old mother of 3 boys and a nursing student. I worked as a CNA for 10 years and finally am able to go back to school and get my RN.

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  1. nettaNDAvalley

    Have CNAs bullied nurses (RNs/LPNs)?

    You are so welcome and i really appreciate this comment.
  2. nettaNDAvalley

    Have CNAs bullied nurses (RNs/LPNs)?

    I worked as a CNA for about 10 years and I can understand some of the nurses frustration being that i witness this bullying first hand. I have worked in LTC and in the hospitals and mostly in LTC you do see those lazy CNA that mouth off and try to make the nurses life a living hell. Some of these CNA are people that wish they could've became a nurse but for some reason or another did'nt so in my oppinon they can be a bit invious of the nurses. I have also noticed that these same CNA would get jelous of us CNA that accually did our jobs. Some times these CNA would feel the nurses favored me because the nurses were nice to me and treated me with respect. I was not trying to impress the nurse, I was just one of the CNA that took pride in my work, I accually loved my job. I also did what the nurses asked me to do, becuase they were my superior. On any job if your manager ask you to do something your supose to do it as long as its in your job description and not unethical. Now on the other hand you do have some lazy nurses, that believe that giving patients peri care is beneath them and that is only a job for the aids to do. These nurses some time look down on CNA and they cant understand how some one could do that job for so long. Well, in my situation I couldnt go back to school because I was raising three children by my self and further more some ones has to do the job are nurses would really be over worked. CNA work was truly a hard job and it could deffiantly be stressful when you dont have enough help, but I would"nt take working as a CNA back for anything. I feel it will make me a more humble nurse and I will all so not mind getting out there and getting my hands dirty.
  3. nettaNDAvalley

    What career did you have before nursing?

    I started out as a CNA back in 1996 I worked in geriactrics for about 5 years, Pych for 1 year, stroke brain injury rehabe hospital 5 years. Then in 2008 I moved out of state and could'nt use my CNA licence. And for the first time in 12 years I had to change my career fields. I was a very devastated and even though I was a bit burned out I secretly missed the nursing field. I had allways wanted to be an RN, but being a single mom with 3 boys it was hard to go back to school and work. So, in 2008 I had no choice but to start looking for another job. I ended up landing a job as a hotel maid at one of the largest hotels in Vegas, I worked their for only 6 months. That job paid really well but I take my hat of to those people, cause that work was hard as heck. I thought CNA work was hard, but cleaning 16 rooms (aint no joke) :sstrs:. I then got a job at a very large Payday loan company as a loan clerk. I've done this for almost three years now. This year I finally decided I am going back to school for my RN and CNA I am predicted to gradurate with my Associates in Nursing in 2015 at the age of 38. My sons are 5, 12, and 17 and I cant WAIT!!!! :yeah:This has been a long journey for me but I truly feel I will succeed and this is just the next chapter of my life.
  4. nettaNDAvalley

    how can these schools get away with SCAMMING people?

    I got my nursing assistant certificate at a nursing home. We had class 2 nights and worked three shifts which was considered our clinicals. This was a way for home to not be very short on CNA and we only had to stay for 6 months.

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