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GrandmaG has 22 years experience.

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  1. GrandmaG

    California Sympathy Strike

    It went great!!!!! I participated and it was fabulous!!! There were several hundred people at almost every location yesterday!!!
  2. GrandmaG

    Sympathy strike...would you do it??

    I'm sure a lot of comments on this topic are made by nurses that either Do Not have a Union and come to our state to make "quick money"and nurses that have disgusting working conditions at home...ever think you might be able to make that same money at home if you organized???? And, secondly, if you're a member of a nurses union and cross the picket lines...do you really think management give a rat's a@@ about you, and your coworkers will look at you differently after that....If you don't want to picket...keep your gutless noise at home...and read your manual to get educated!!!
  3. GrandmaG

    Sympathy strike...would you do it??

    Participated in the sympathy strike today. The turnout was phenomenal!!! If you didn't want to picket, you could have stayed home. Read your manual for clarification!!!

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