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  1. Hey thanks for the replies i really appreciate it. @ stnRPNjenn, my goal is to get into the RPN program at DC for Sept 2012, do you know wgar the mark cuts off were for Math, Bio and Chemistry. The admissions woman told me to aim for 90's, but is this for sure??? thanks,
  2. Hi, I am actually wondering the same question, did you start the GAS-H program last January? I will be taking 3 classes the Bio, Chem and Math and wanted to know what the scheduling was like? I know I will be able to pick a block but I'm very curious whether I will be able to take these classes in 2 or 3 days and work the rest? Did you start your RN program this past September, it's what I will be applying for in Sept 2012, so I'm a year behind you...LOL... I do hope you respond, take care and thanks, Medica

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