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  1. eden12

    Clinic Travel Nursing

    Yes...it seems to be pretty rare (I couldn't find any information on it), but I had heard it was a possibility so I thought I'd look into it. Thanks for the response! I will look at those agencies. :)
  2. eden12

    Clinic Travel Nursing

    Does anyone work as a travel nurse in clinics? If so, which agencies have you had luck with finding assignments? Thank you.
  3. Has anyone done the new graduate internship for clinical research nurses at the NIH? Or does anyone know anything about it? Do they start at a specific time or are they just posted whenever one becomes available?
  4. eden12

    new grad internships in East Texas

    Does anyone know anything about the new grad internships at Trinity Mother Frances or ETMC in East Texas? I've been looking through the threads for information (length of the program, whether they require a commitment afterwards, what their entrance requirements are, what exactly the program consists of, pay rates, etc) but haven't found anything. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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