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    FRUSTRATED with the California BRN!

    I know this post is over a year, but I'm currently going through the slow, agonizing torture of waiting for my license. I took the test on Aug. 30 and when I didn't see my name on the BRN website 3 days later like my peers, I went into rebound mode and called BRN to see if I could already send a re-test application. The rep told me they can't give results over the phone but my file says "pending" meaning they could just be waiting for my transcripts. She instructed me not to send in a re-test application and to call back in two weeks. Out of desperation, I called back a couple days later because my gut told me something was off (good thing I did). My school sent our transcripts as a bundle for the our class and all my peers that took the NCLEX got their results right away so obviously their transcripts were received. I told that to the rep and he transferred me to my evaluator. She informed me that for some reason they do not have my transcript at all (so they can't release my results because of it) and that I should have my school resend another one and my result should post in a week. So I did. It's been two weeks and I've called almost every other day and they still say they don't have my transcripts! I wouldn't be so neurotic about it but knowing they already lost it once made me a bit paranoid. The most bitter part about all this is knowing that I passed, and not having gotten my license on time screwed me up BIG...I lost two job offers and now I'm back to square one...helplessly waiting. Sorry for the long spiel, but I just had to vent somewhere. This waiting game has been eating me up for the past 3 weeks.

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