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  1. sorry i should be more specific- i was looking for the current rates for an RN with experience in home care. thanks!
  2. What is the range of pay when you're anurse independent contractor? I went on emed to try to find the answer but I didn't have much luck.
  3. RRA717

    Pay rate for visiting nurses

    So this is fee for service? NY has a rate of at least $42 per hour. I wonder if other NY RNs can share their rates for home visits in public health or intake assessments in an hourly or FFS rate?
  4. RRA717

    Visiting Nurses Service New Grad Internship

    Just saw this post and I was wondering if anyone got accepted? I was also curious on how much the pay rate was for the internship and how much would it be for a FT RN if they offered you a job afterwards?

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