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  1. crna applicant

    Pitt CRNA entrance stats

    Yes--I just received a call yesterday. I didn't expect it since they told us they wouldn't be letting most of us know until after the march interviews. Good luck!!
  2. crna applicant

    Pitt CRNA entrance stats

    Well I just found out I got accepted to Pitt's program starting fall 2012!!! Thank you for the words of encouragement--I'm very glad I applied instead of waiting an extra year!
  3. crna applicant

    Pitt CRNA entrance stats

    Hello all, I am an aspiring CRNA applicant. The school I really want to get into for CRNA school is Pitt. It is ranked as one of the best programs and is extremely difficult to get into. My question is for those of you out there who have applied to Pitt in the last 5-8 years and been either accepted or rejected--what are your stats--GPA, GRE, ICU experience, etc. I've looked over all the posts for CRNA acceptance stats in general--but am more interested in Pitt specifically--I can't find many stats for Pitts program other than Pitt receives about 200 applications for 48 seats. I just want to know if I currently have a fighting chance of getting into Pitt. My stats are: Overall GPA: 3.46 Nursing GPA 3.9 (Accelerated BSN program at Pitt) BS in Neuroscience and BSN in nursing. 10 graduate level nursing credits with GPA 4.0. GRE: 1310, V-610, M--700, A--4.5 1-1.5 year in 22-bed surgical/trauma ICU by program start. CCRN by program start--but won't be eligible to take before application deadline. BCLS/ACLS Thanks for your input!

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