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  1. Hey If your considering a position at a UC Health facility Contact me Thanks Bobby
  2. Hey Any nurses applying at a UC Health for a position and put me down as a referral I will split the bonus. $5000 Thanks
  3. chatttn0

    Lessons Learned - Choose Your School Wisely

    I went to nursing school 20 twenty years ago, and it was the same back then. Students pay all this money and are not treated like the customer. They take your money and treat you like third class citizens. Every time I hear about a gunman going crazy at a college, I think "another student finally had enough". I really surprised there are not more incidents of students loosing it. I remember during my nursing school, our entire class marching down to the deans office to protest how the rules had been changed without telling anyone. The last people you want to deal with is a bunch of over worked, stressed out nursing students. Sounds like the person writing this story should obtain an attorney, and see how fast they take her english credit and admit her back in the program.
  4. chatttn0

    Starting WGU RN-BSN

    hey was thinking about WGU Would mind enlightning me on how a nursing class breaks down? how many papers projects etc thanks so much bobby
  5. chatttn0

    How do you deal with a doctor who sweared on you over the phone?

    I would just Hang up on his rude ass. Dr's get alway with way too much BS. Some things Dr's do and get away with, we would be fired or in trouble in a heart beat
  6. chatttn0

    UCH Radiology and nursing

    Sure was trying to send you a private message, but not having much luck.
  7. chatttn0

    UCH Radiology and nursing

    Hey I work in UCH interventional Radiology, is that the department your referring too?
  8. chatttn0

    Any American Sentinel Students? RN-BSN

    Thanks yep that does concern me, there ccne site visit is coming soon.
  9. Any students attending American Sentinel Unversity RN-BSN? Just looking into the program.
  10. Curious to what the average Home Infusion (Independent Contractor) pay per visit is?
  11. chatttn0

    Kindred Denver Questions

    Was trying to get the email address or just name of the Nursing Officer at Kindred Denver. Thanks
  12. chatttn0

    Any Platte Velley Nurses?

    Was trying to talk to some Platte valley Hospital nurses, just had a couple questions. Thanks
  13. chatttn0

    Transport RN's

  14. chatttn0

    Houly Pay rate

    Was wondering what the average hourly rate was for Critical care in the Denver Area. agency? per diem? travel? thanks
  15. chatttn0

    PICC's in Denver

    Was wondering if anyone knew of a group, radiology company or nursing company placing PICC's outside the hospital. ie Nursing Homes, rehab hospital etc) I'm a independent contractor (RN) looking to do this in the Denver area. Any help would be great Thanks Bobby