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  1. As a nurse who doesn't have the experience that much yet pursued Masters of arts in nursing, i badly needing all of your help about the possible thesis titles. What do you think would be the most efficient field or a thesis problem to be studied? Please share to me any of your helpful ideas. Thank you so much and more power! :)
  2. chimench

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    Thank you! ok will try :)
  3. chimench

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    I am a registered nurse who actually took and passed the board exam last 2008. It was very difficult to look for employment that time and for me not to be stagnant, i enrolled myself in graduate school under MAN program. Right now, i am working on my thesis paper to complete the degree but i have no actual hospital employment experience. I only took the 3-month basic ward training and was discouraged because I paid 3k for my hospital training certificate. Now, i want to work as a hospital nurse and i am confused where and how to start. Suggestions, help, words of encouragement are much appreciated... Thank you so much! :)

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