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  1. Nothing in city or province that I can find. Many nursing education places that help prepare nurses for the Canadian exam say they don't offer for the NCLEX. I am taking Kaplan online however presently which has videos etc but it all will expire soon (their online content) and with getting job, there has been a hold on being able to study and learn what I need to for NCLEX and the new job. I used Saunders the first time but still didn't get it :(I more so practiced the questions and read up on what I did not understand. I just didn't realize the good online content would expire once i already purchased the course.. Which state are you in? I had a job offer in Texas at a hospital which is why I need to pass this time, but at the same time wondering if I will like research since I do not consider myself a "med-surg/bedside" nurse. Anyways thx
  2. Also nursemaple, when did you take your nclex if you don't mind me asking and what did you use to study?. I failed it once and don't want to fail it again. Any resources you recommend? thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for your response. A friend was able to help me get into this clinic, so I keep reminding her and there may be a mutual friend that may be able to come in while I am there and help. Everyone else I know works quite far and is busy. But thankfully the person who got me in says I can practice on her, but she is actually scared and pregnant so..not to sure.. I just need someone who is willing and hopefully it will work out. I will keep looking for people and places that will let me in and be able to practice, cause I'm sure just getting it once or twice on someone, I should be fine. Thanks
  4. Hello, I am an RN in Canada and I got a position as a research coordinator. I have no experience in this field. But the Doctor asked if I could take blood and do IV's. I took a course for both but I didn't get any practice with IV's unfortunately (due to teachers choice). It makes me nervous because I want to be able to do the job since it is so hard to find one and I have been looking for 2 years! There is no other full or part time nurse working that can orientate me in this clinic and I do not want to loose the job/ nor my license as being able to administer IV competently is obviously important (and wasn't taught as part of our nursing program, just the IV medications calculations). Anyways What do you guys suggest!!??? Thanks in advance.
  5. fun4

    Agency vs Permanent Job

    Hi, I still consider myself a new grad since I have not been able to get a steady job as a RN in Canada (Toronto) for about >2 years. All that is being offered is agency work. I feel that it is dangerous as I have gone into hospitals, LTC homes expecting an orientation, get nothing and I am left alone. LTC is very easy to miss giving medications which I have done in both the hospital and LTC. I keep trying to apply to hospitals all over but can't seem to get in anywhere. I've just decided to get my NCLEX. Any suggestions about how to work in LTC or hospitals through agency, when my experience leaving school was Public Health (which doesn't help in terms of clinical skills but cannot afford to do any courses right now) I wish I could afford to say no when an agency calls, but as we all know, need to make a living. I am afraid, I don't want to loose my license, especially in this manner. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!?

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