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  1. NurseAmyM

    NY LIJ Fellowship Program interview

    Hey, I don't really have an answer for you..But I did work for North Shore LIJ, at Lenox Hill-- I just moved to Utah! As soon as I saw LIJ I got excited...Unfortunately my interview was unorthodox as Lenox Hill was very new to the LIJ system and had not yet transitioned fully hiring-wise/I had family connections. However, I did get an e-mail telling me I was accepted an offer from LIJ, along with orientation information. I kept in close contact with the nursing recruitment specific to my hospital as well. As for North Shore LIJ things I know (not too much) Look up info on North Shore's mission statement-- They are HUGE on that stuff now. Have clinical experiences ready to tell/leadership examples. You'll do great I'm sure!!
  2. NurseAmyM

    Pediatric Scenario Questions?

    Hey guys, I have over a year of experience working in NYC as an RN on an adult med/surg floor. I have a job interview lined up as a float pool RN at a children's hospital in Utah. I'm not worried about strengths/weaknesses kinds of questions, however I was wondering if anyone had any scenario-type questions that are sometimes asked? And any kind of questions of "name one time you were in ___ situation?" Thanks so much !! Amy

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