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  1. simply1v

    Anyone in GCU's MSN (Public Health)?

    I did apply to the program and I start the end of this month!
  2. I am looking for a strictly online school for MSN with a focus on public health that does NOT require GREs. Grand Canyon University was the only school that I found in my search. I pretty much have all the 'stats' from the school, now I'm looking for student feedback. Has anyone graduated or is currently enrolled now? Are you enjoying it? Any feedback - good or bad would be greatly appreciated!
  3. simply1v

    Anyone in GCU's MSN (Public Health)?

    I realize this post is old but wanted to hopefully open up discussion again - anyone currently or have graduated from Grand Canyon's MSN with emphasis in pubic health program? From my search, it's the only school I can find that is completely online that is MSN and public health based and does NOT require GREs (meets all my criteria). Any feedback would be great, thank you!
  4. simply1v

    Is it possible to get a job at CHOP?

    @RachRN19, I interviewed for the pipeline at the end of Sept 2011 and was offered a temp med-surg position until May 2012. My advice would be to do research on the hospital, know the definition of family centered care, and have questions yourself to ask to the interviewer. Be interested and engaging. Be able to incorporate past experiences in/out of nursing to respond to their behavioral interview questions. I know for a fact that CHOP only hires BSN grads now as of this month. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!
  5. simply1v

    Is it possible to get a job at CHOP?

    Hi all, Did anyone who participated in the pipeline interviews in Sept. get any further interviews? I've interviewed with a nurse manager and had a shadow day and haven't heard back at all...
  6. I'm not a Villanova BSN accelerated grad, although I declared nursing as my major late in my college career so I was grouped with the "alternate" students, as Villanova called it. I did have some classes/clinical with the BSNExpress group and they had a pretty full class schedule all day it seemed. I don't think they had weekend classes although I could be wrong. Most were second degrees students who had previous jobs with families so it is do-able!
  7. simply1v

    Is it possible to get a job at CHOP?

    Hi novanurse11, I saw on the thread that you're working at CHOP :) Just wanted to ask if you had a pipeline interview first before your shadow day? Or did you have a contact initially?
  8. simply1v

    Gateway to the OR & Critical Care @ HUP July 2011

    Just wondering, where was the application for Gateway to OR & Critical care? Is there a certain timeline when it's posted? I looked online and it wasn't there..not sure if you have to be in contact with an HR person to get more info/application itself.
  9. simply1v

    Hospital of UPenn Gateway to the OR Nov. 2011

    @walkingonthemoonRN, I feel like we are the same person lol! Where did you find the application for the Gateway to OR? I was on Penn's website last night and didn't see anything...
  10. simply1v

    Cooper University Hospital Application Status

    @walkingonthemoonrn - I'm a new grad as well and I applied for a position a month ago and noticed that I got the "under review" notification as well but haven't heard a thing from them...what position did you apply to?

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