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  1. jenuine

    UTHSCSA Spring 2012

    I got accepted also I'm overwhelmed with joy! I can't believe it.
  2. jenuine

    UTHSCSA Spring 2012

    has anyone not received anything yet, cause I havent and its making me nervous seeing that people have been accepted already, and my last name starts with a W so idk :/ getting worried.
  3. jenuine

    UTHSCSA Spring 2012

    Does anyone know what the chances are of getting in at this point? Im really just hating how this whole process has been. I thought after the TEAS scores were submitted people would pretty much know whether they were in or not, but instead they have us waiting and worried. I just would hate to have gone all this way and not get in. I mean when i went to open house the lady told us that she didnt want to waste our time pretty much and I keep thinking since Ive made it this far that we pretty much have gotten in but its not like that. Someone told me that only 250 people applied for the spring 2012 semester and so only 100 people need to be knocked out technically. and I wanted to see what other people thought about this or whether or not they knew about anything about the process. I mean having our background checked and whatnot shouldnt be any of their business if we aren't going to be accepted but thats just my opinion i guess. lol :=:

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