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  1. kelll

    Ever since the economic nose dive spiral...

    I understand that jobs are hard and nursing was never promised as an easy job. I think that hospital nursing is changing and always has been a constant changing environment. The hospital I work for it even varies unit to unit, satisfaction of the patient and the staff all have to do with perception. This is very evident when you consider the same unit different shifts even, sometimes night shift has no idea what is eating the dayshift and vise versa.
  2. kelll

    Need help for getting a job

    Where I am from I have not seen anyone need to take a refresher class unless they have been out for over a year or two from direct nursing care...even then I am not sure how much it helped. How long have you been out of school/work?
  3. kelll

    Why are some nurses not grateful for my job?

    Well just saying you will not understand nursing and priority until you have to do it. I have said many times before, nurses know what its like to be students but students do not understand what it is to work as a nurse. So when you have been a nurse for a while post agian and let me know how you feel about it. When your lifeline and liscense is on the line and prioritizing is of utmost importance and maybe life or death and people are complaining about little things being petty....I DO UNDERSTAND. I DO CARE. but students are not my patients....love students hate anything getting in the way and causing drama during emergency.....not ignoring you...being a good nurse and taking care of patient.
  4. kelll

    Direct care staff incentive bonus

    WHAT bonuses for doing what should be required to HAVE a job??? bogus~! I mean a bonus for showing up to work on time ...i get a bonus for that! I get to come back tommorrow to earn a days pay!
  5. kelll

    Leaving Work at Work

    So true and this is something extremely difficult to teach new nurses. I try and tell them I understand that you want everything to be on time and in the real world we would float like florence nightengale to the bedside and cure world hunger and end war and be miracle workers...as nurses we try our best, use our resources and keep our chin up..the world is not perfect!
  6. kelll

    Need help for getting a job

    Have you tried nursing homes?
  7. kelll

    This "us" vs "them" mentality....

    OH BOY ! I dont think this is anywhere near solved...but I appreciated hearing all opinions! I can tell you things I have agreed with while reading all these posts. Students really are not very helpful and honestly no matter how much I like them which I like them (I do like most of them) they are always one more thing to factor into my day. (if you follow and keep up and just help out as needed thats great we truely do not need another opinion in most cases and will ask you when we do) I do not mean any of this to be rude. I honestly have to say that nurses have been students but students are nt nurses and do not understand the issues yet. THIS plays a huge part in the arguement. It is not my job to be nice to you or let you do things, the drama that comes with a scared or opinionated student is just ridiculous to me in the big scheme of things, do not get me wrong I will not knowingly be rude or mean, I do understand that we all start somewhere and that you are human too. I obviously chose to work with people so I do not wish to get away from you, I don't mind teaching anyone along the way....BUT I do not KNOW you or your skill set, I CANNOT concern myself with your individual needs for skills or emotional support when I have a full assignment and am sometimes working short it is in my job description someplace to delegate. If you are with me this would be an acceptable situation maybe ideal in my opinion. You are with me for longer than a few hours, you listen to report with me from start to finish, writing things down so you can ask questions when there is time, come to the patients bedside with me I know it is uncomfortable to some extent let me introduce you, or you introduce yourself briefly then step back watch how i work, take mental note of what you like about my approach and what you dont etc *this too is expirience. Some of you are with instructors and will pass meds etc with them, please make known what is expected of you from them, I will tell you what I can and cannot do to accomadate you. usually at this time if you have heard of a certain procedure that needs to be performed we will have some small op to discuss if you are able to do it with instructor or if you willasssist me as I have the time to do it. If I have time I can teach you in the steps you would like things done in but I am betting on you having to run room to room with me to keep up and when I am ready to do something you will need to be present or you will miss out...I do not have time to wait for you to read a book or look up each individual med, nor do i have time to explain each one. I dont mind explaining procedures and I believe I can do so in a way that both you and the patient can understand and be comfortable with so please do not pry into why I did something a certain way in front of the patient. Or worse yet try and be a know it all and correct me or the patient at this time, please be curteous. This will be repeated over and over all day long its like plan A, plan B, PLan A, maybe plan C nursing is changing every minute prioritizing for the good of all of the patients you take care of for the day. If you are responsible for only two of my patients then you are getting only a little part of the picture. You are not seeing a nurse organize thier day. You are getting a very narrow view. Ideally you would be with one nurse even longer than a day. You would be there the whole shift. You would have time to organize your time and talk about EVERYTHING and chart with the nurse and learn many many skills and perform them in the order and frequenct required by your school....but this is the real world, patients are very ill, staffing may be poor, someone may code, someone may die, oh good grief anything can happen and thats what its all about...UNDERSTANDING. You have to roll with the punches, give people the benefit of the doubt, help out as much as you can, take notice of whats going on around you and try and learn something new, maybe even a skill. I would say alot of emphasis is placed on tasks and skills when so much more is gained from knowing how to read people, knowing when to pay attention, and being willing to help. Is it going to do you any good not help out? be a complete pain in the butt and demand things from people who owe you nothing? I am much more willing to ask the same student (even if we have 4 on the floor at once) to help me out again if they had a good attitude even if their skill level left some tobe desired than to try and track down someone with a bad attitude who gets good grades and needs to check this off thier list....again this is a long rant from an expirienced nurse who is hitting on just a small part of a heated issue. :twocents:
  8. kelll

    Leaving Work at Work

    Yes I understand somethings are hard to let go...Like the previous person has posted you need to find a way to let it fade out and away from you. I used to walk home or ride my bike to just get some of the frusterations go and get some fresh air in and I lived about 6 miles away from work.
  9. kelll

    Direct care staff incentive bonus

    never heard of this before now
  10. kelll

    Why are some nurses not grateful for my job?

    i would not take that as a personal blow. I am assuming that the conversation didnt include your name or refference to you when I say, nursing at least where I work has a huge push to not use sitters. I personallly am very happy to have a GOOD sitter for the patient who needs one. The thing is it is expensive and management sometimes assumes that we are not assessing the patient situation correctly ultimately it comes down to...it is expensive to pay sitters. I realize it is expensive to pay for harm that comes to a patient who needs to be watched also. I am not in the situation of having to provide constant care to a confused combative family memeber whom may harm themselves either it has got to be stressful, I do know however that the question always comes up where is the family and why cant they come in and care for the family memeber?...or why cant we use restraints? well of course there are multiple answers to this question as well as varying opinions. I do not have to think any of this is fair to see both sides of this arguement but my job is keep my staff happy and my patients safe. So in that light I say nurses belittling you was wrong, I dont know all the details but I hope they were not making it personally about you. I just dont think sitters understand the pressure we get as well and sometimes if we have say 3 sitting positions we have no cna on the floor and maybe not even enough sitters to go around and are problem solving from minute to minute until we can get relief...either way the conversation should have been a private one, and I feel your job is an important one.
  11. kelll

    yes, another night shift post.

    lol. YEP there is the lower staffing thing. Our facility we have one nurse less from 7-11 and some nights prepping people for GI procedure etc is a constant pottying game. We use hospitalists...specialists not called much at night...this is not so bad now...has its issues, but over the years this has become a much better process. nights very very busy and nurses definately have LOTS of work to do...but it is VERY different than day shift. Happiness and job satisfaction many times is more to do with the few nurses and cna you work with each night and how well you can work together than most other things.
  12. kelll

    yes, another night shift post.

    Oh wow! If you have downtime you may want to spend that time thanking your lucky stars! Holy yikes even night shift at our facility is busy! There are occasional slow nights but not often at all. What should you say when manager asks you about your job? say Thank you! IF asked how the shift is working out you can be honest that its got you turned around some and that you are "adjusting" still but I definately would not mention that you would look for other emplyment and if you mention all the downtime I am sure the day shift can amke you a list of things to do that would help them out BIGTIME! I honestly do not mean any of this in a negative way. I have worked all shifts and am currently a day shifter...and the stress level at work all day more than makes up for the convienience of sleeping when my family does. I remember the weird hours I kept and how I managed my sleep on nights with my three kids as babies and toddler and all stages really...it is interesting but I can tell you....i miss the night shift pay! Also its just a different place once all the BUZZ leaves from the day shift...all the docs aren't demanding things all at once, ancillary dept demands, families....you are making me miss night shift now! The benefit of days??? dinner with the kids everynight and I get to attend all sports...so for the family I stay on days.
  13. kelll

    Truth? or Pollyanna version

    That is true Tricia Nursing is the only job I can imagine really LOVING like I do, it is very very rewarding. It is also very very frusterating...always running, always FIGHTING for patient rights or NURSING rights..many ,many complaints but also many many compliments and much love from fellow nurses and patients and families....some days/weeks/months better than others.
  14. kelll

    Leaving Work at Work

    Even as an expirienced nurse I have these times where I take certian thoughts or emotions home with me. I have to remind myself that I will better serve my patient if I come in with a fresh rested mind and good attitude. It is difficult to "recharge" when I have no downtime...I work on a busy med/surg ONC floor. We see all kinds of patients with many needs and also ONC patients in all stages of treatment and often see these patients more if they are sick for a stretch...they stick in my mind and on my heart at times. I have shed a tear more than I like to admit and shared my good and bad days with my family....I struggle more with this than with worry of something I may not have gotten to or forgotten. If you did the best that you could do and You work just as hard as anyone else who could have done your job then you can be confident that it was the best care that could be expected in that circumstance and if there was something that you could have changed you probably would have if you could while at work right?
  15. kelll

    This just gripes the crud out of me...

    THIS is a topic I could RANT all day on! bar none people cheating the system is stealing I believe they should be treated as criminals if found guilty! We do all pay for it and there are people I am more than happy to help..honest people who have done the best they can to work thier whole life and are having a hard time...whom are really ill and need help...whom try to care for themselves and take responsibility for thier part of thier health! The unit I work on it seems the people with the least reason to complain have the most UNREASONABLE complaints/requests! We are alll expected to jump when patients/families complain or request things but what about limits???
  16. kelll

    Happier at work than at home?

    I know how you feel times are hard everywhere I think many of us in the same spot and it can be stressful! just know there are people who can relate. and life is not perfect, dont be so hard on yourself....it will change again soon just have faith what good will worring do??? i know I know everone probably says this and feeling like this is hard but it helped me just to change my thinking around...while I miss my family and all of the things we used to do when we had money...This is real life and we are fortunate enough to be putting food on the table for the family.

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