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    nursing goals for an intrapartum patient.

    because the antibiotics are being administered IV, i guess i could frequently assess the patient's IV site. and as for a long term goal...could i say something like, "client will receive prophylactic antibiotics during labor and prevent transmission of group b strep from mother to infant"? if risk for infection is my diagnosis, i can't imagine how any other goal (besides infection prevention) would be applicable.
  2. so, i'm trying to write a care plan for an intrapartum gbs positive patient. as a second nursing diagnosis, i've added risk for infection r/t prolonged artificial rupture of membrane & gbs positive status. however, now i'm thinking that if the mother is gbs positive it would no longer be risk for and instead, actual infection. initially, when i thought of the risk for diagnosis i was thinking more about risk for chorioamnionitis. mom is still very much at risk for this, yes? also, i have three nursing interventions: Nursing assessment= Assess patient for signs & symptoms of infection (such as maternal fever, uterine tenderness, general malaise, maternal tachycardia, foul smelling amniotic fluid, or an increased white blood cell count) Education= Educate patient on importance of reporting signs & symptoms of infection (maternal fever, uterine tenderness, general malaise, maternal tachycardia) Therapeutic= Administer 2G ampicillin @125mL/30min IV bolus, followed by 1G ampicillin @125mL/30 min q4h until delivery so, what i really need assistance with are my nursing goals...one long term and one short term. i have such difficulty thinking of an acheivable, measurable, and realistic goal. the first thing i think is that i would like to prevent maternal infection (but, again, is she already gbs infected?) and secondly, i think even if mom is already infected, i'd like to prevent fetal infection. both of those seem like long term goals for me. could i say something like, "the mother will state signs and symptoms of maternal infection" as a short term? soooooo confused and aggravated! please help!

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