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  1. Lola Lou, BSN, Thanks for the info! I've always worked nights and am hoping to keep it that way. I'm not familiar w/ "pool". Here we have "flex", which is basically prn and floats to just about any unit, as long as they have experience in that acuity/specialty. They do get a little higher base pay than staff RNs, but I don't think they get shift diff. Is this similar to pool? Also, I don't have any experience w/ nursing unions. I did read some about the negotiations at EMMC for better staff/pt ratios. My understanding about St.Joseph's is that it's a little smaller than EMMC. Is that right? I'll look into some of the surrounding towns you mentioned.
  2. Wade B, I can't wait for some cooler weather!
  3. Hi Lola Lou, BSN! Thanks for the info on Bangor! I understand that it may not be some people's first choice when compared to Portland. We've never been to either, so I'm anxious to see them for ourselves. I understand that Portland has more to offer because it's a bigger city, but we're looking for more of a small town with available resources nearby. My husband and I are trying to find a way to get up there for a quick trip this fall. Is it difficult to get into EMMC? I'd like to transfer into an ICU or PCU, but would be ok w/ another Dept if that was all that's available initially. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what is the typical base pay/hr? Are differentials and benefits decent? Thanks for the information! :)
  4. Hi Oceanpacific, RN! The cost of living is something we're trying to prepare ourselves for. I'm not so sure about the heating/cooling costs though. Our electric bill is about $550-$600 during the summer; our AC doesn't stop running. We plan to spend a couple of days each in Bangor, Portland, & Augusta to get an idea of each city. Thanks so much for your thoughts!
  5. Hi strawberryflds! Thanks for the info! In terms of pay, the hospital I currently work for is one of the lower paying hospitals in our area, new nurses start around $23/hr, night diff is around $3/hr, weekend diff is around $5/hr. The benefits are good. Is this comparable at all to your area? In regards to Pt acuity, I have heard the same thing, that higher acuity Pts are often transferred out. We see a good mix of acuity on our unit. We have a level I trauma center in our town, so the major incidents go there. This won't necessarily be a deciding factor in our move, but it is important to me and will have some impact on our decision. Thanks again for the input!
  6. Hi KelRN215! We're moving from a big city and are looking for a little quieter area and slower pace, so just based on what we've read, Bangor seems like it may be more of what we're looking for. We definitely haven't ruled out Portland. We're curious to see how it compares to our current town when we visit in March. We're trying to find a balance of being out of the hustle & bustle of town, while still being near resources, work, schools, and some activities. We're really open minded about where we inevitably end up. I'll admit that I'm incredibly excited but also secretly scared to death! It will be such a change and Northern living is so foreign to us; I don't want to be naïve when we make our choice. Thanks for the heads up about the weather in March! Is the weather in Portland much different than the weather in Bangor? I'll be picking up winter clothes when they go on sale here in January. We can usually get by in "the dead of winter" with just a hoody, maybe a little heavier coat and gloves. Swimsuits usually hit the racks around February! Thanks so much for the info!!
  7. Hi Rhody34! We live in North Florida, so I don't have any information for down South. I work for a large multi-hospital system that starts out around $23/hr for brand new nurses. Differentials are ok, around $3/hr for nights and $5/hr for weekends. We are one of the lower paying systems in the area, but I deal with a little lower pay to not be at the community hospital, which is often understaffed. I can tell you that Florida in general is saturated w/ new grads. There's a nursing school on every corner so finding a job is a job in itself. Not sure if you have a significant other, but non-healthcare jobs are definitely available. Public schools in our area aren't great. Like I stated in my original post, we live in a large metropolitan area and crime is getting way out of hand, which, unfortunately, has made it's way into the schools......even elementary. We send our children to private school. In terms of weather, well......it's Florida. HOT and humid is an understatement. In the summer highs are around 98-101, w/ a heat index of around 105. In the "winter" it's not uncommon to see people Christmas shopping in shorts and t-shirts. I definitely don't want to sound negative because I'm assuming your choosing FL for a reason. I grew up here and am just ready for a change. Best of luck to you!! :)
  8. Hi all! My husband, I and our 3 boys (12yo, 10yo, & 8yo) are planning to move from Florida to Maine in a year. We will be moving sometime during summer 2016. We currently live in a LARGE city and are completely over it! We are so tired of the rushed, keep up with the Jones' attitudes.......and the violence/crime is OUT-OF-CONTROL! The top 3 locations on our list are Bangor, Portland, Augusta; in that order. We are looking forward to something completely different. We're excited about all the new experiences but are also grounded and realistic. I currently work nights in PCU/ICU. My husband is an office manager for a construction company. I'm wondering what the Maine nursing job market is like these days (availability of jobs, salary, benefits, working conditions, etc.). I'm also curious what the job market for non-healthcare is like for my husband. In terms of our children, how are schools there? We enjoy getting out together as a family; what are the activities like in the area(s)? We will be traveling to Maine for a week in March (I know......probably not the most picturesque time of year w/ the mud and melting snow) to look at different areas. We are tying to do our research, but I figured getting some answers from natives would be invaluable. Any help/suggestions are really appreciated!

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