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    Differences between BSN and ADN?

    Go for the BSN. Most jobs now require it, esp if u are a new grad. If u can do it quicker than 4 years even better. After 31 years as a RN, I am now going back to get my BSN. You can never predict what can happen out there. I have worked in a union hospital for 30 years, there is a chance it may close, if I have to get another job most all require a BSN. Never thought this could happen but it may. Heading now for the BSN. Good Luck!
  2. Has anyone taken the NLN exam for microbiology? I too am taking prereq courses in the Boston area. I am studying on my own, trying to escape the lab:( by testing out. (Barron's E-Z Microbiology) Any thoughts? Also, NLN offers pharmacology, stats, and nutrition.

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