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  1. shhr

    Jefferson FACT 2012

    I am 95% sure you won't have to pay another $45. I have to send more transcripts in, too, and was not charged for another review.
  2. shhr

    Jefferson FACT 2012

    Hey lmnovak, It does take awhile for NursingCas to process the transcripts to show that they have been received. I would give them at least 3 weeks (probably 4 considering the holidays). You can always call NursingCas to get a timeframe and to see if they have received the transcript. They have always been nice and helpful to me. Also, they still have to check your transcripts against what you entered as coursework which takes time. Jefferson requires a supplemental application, and I think it was $25.00. They will send you an email invite when they're ready to accept that from you. Application fees are normal for any university to which you apply... My undergrad charged $55. Perhaps aggravating, but predictable. Upenn would charge you $75.00 for their program, too. Drexel's might be waived in some circumstances, but weighing the application fees against the number of prerequisites Drexel requires heavily favored TJU, in my case.
  3. shhr

    high school graduate with a 3 yr. old

    I lived and went to school in California. First community college, then CSU. That's the path I recommend. Do not waste any money in a private scam of a school when you have access to some of the finest and cheapest public education in the country. Did you apply for FAFSA? Because you have a child, you will qualify as an independent student. As a fresh high school grad, I can't see you making a lot of money that would disqualify you from getting grants. From what I remember, CSU would probably cover the cost of your tuition. CSU has a really reasonable tuition, as well, so you could probably get by working part time and going to school (part time if needed so you can care for your daughter). My Csu had a daycare that was free to low income students. Also consider community college. The actual nursing programs might have waiting lists, but there are pre reqs you will most definitely have to take. Community college in your case will probably cost you like 15 dollars a semester (at least that was the cost to me when I went). As a single parent, there are programs available to cover your books and supplies. CC also has a daycare program to help accommodate you. Also consider doing prereqs at the CC and transfering to a CSU for a nursing program to get your BSN. There are "tracks" that help basically guarantee your entrance into CSU programs. I doubt you will need to take out loans at all to cover your expenses after you do well at CC and transfer to a CSU (or UC) and apply for scholarships and grants. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment to see a counselor and a financial aide officer at the CC (or CSU!). That's what I would do :)
  4. shhr

    RN or BSN?

    That depends on who you ask. I know that in my area, a BSN is preferred for any job. I've heard people on this forum who say it doesn't matter. I'd personally rather have a BSN and then go further with my education, but it really depends. What are your goals for your career? How do you see yourself reaching those goals?
  5. shhr

    is it possible to take all these classes at once?

    I think it's definitely possible. It will very likely be difficult. You'll probably have to spend more time than you're used to, and most likely be stressed and frazzled. You also risk getting lower grades because you will be stretching yourself. However, it is your decision to make. Remember that nutrition is also a science class, but will most likely mesh well with what you'll learn in A&P (that's what it is doing with me). I'd do it.
  6. shhr

    Jefferson FACT 2012

    I think it was on August 10th that I went. It was very informative. I was still under the impression of sending in my paper app to them and had everything ready for that, but NursingCas is fine, too.
  7. shhr

    Pre-Nursing Student

    How about going to community college for gen ed and prereqs and transferring to a CSU or UC for their nursing programs? I recommend CC because it is cheap. It is easy to transfer IF you really apply yourself and do well. You can work while you go to school. Perhaps get your CNA and get medical experience? Just suggestions ^.^ I would say definitely don't get yourself into one of those scam private institutions ...some private schools are cool and you could get yourself a decent financial aid package, but California is really great for their CC and public university system. I miss it
  8. shhr

    Pre-Nursing Student

    How about the local community college? I'm not familiar with that area, but community college especially in California is usually pretty good. You could check out any community college in the state, too, if you are mobile. That way you can still get tuition benefits, if I recall correctly.
  9. shhr

    Do I stand a chance?

    Why don't you try calling/emailing the nursing department or admissions department of each of those schools to see what the average student is like? Sometimes they post it on their websites.
  10. shhr

    Jefferson FACT 2012

    Well, I remember Niki saying a few things about the interview. First, dress professionally. Second, think about why you want to be a nurse, why you decided to go into nursing, why you're changing your current profession. Finally, know what a nurse does. Have a firm grasp of what your duties will entail. These answers should be earnest. If you have any questions about the program, the interview is the time to ask.
  11. shhr

    Jefferson FACT 2012

    Hey krick...I attended the information session for FACT and the 2 year program as well. Jefferson is a really neat campus and I recommend going to see it. As far as FACT vs. ACE, I think there are other posts on the forum that explain ACE. I think it's around the same tuition and the same time (11 months for ACE though). Both are really intense! I will answer any questions I can, or you can go to the source: Niki Kelly who handles the admission process for us. I am also anxiously awaiting this supplemental app. I was hoping I'd know sooner! Oh well. I wish everyone luck and am happy to share what I know.
  12. Well I'm sure you know best what your limitations are. I like to think you'll find a way if you want it enough. I am not a nurse (yet) but for every job there is a description. You could check them out at your local hospital websites...also you could shadow a nurse for the day to see exactly what his/her job entails and if you'll be able to do what they do physically. If you can do the job, then there should be no reason why you couldn't be a nurse. There are also jobs in nursing that are basically desk jobs, am I right? You have options!
  13. Have you consulted your doctors, counselors, and advisors in the nursing program? I think they would be the best people to talk to about this to determine any limitations or risks.

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