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  1. Are there any recent graduates or current students of a Surgical Technology program in the Dallas/Kaufman County area that may have input on the job outlook or career field in general. I just got accepted into a program that starts in August and will have to quit my full time job to attend the 9 months program that will ultimately result in an associates degree in Surgical Technology but I am a little nervous because I keep reading people are having a hard time finding a job right out of school. I know that is a possibility with any career field including nursing but I guess I am interested in the fact of people who truly looked and were great on there clinicals and still could not find a job. And if you did find a job what was the starting pay salary?
  2. akimb24

    Trinity Valley ADN 2012 Applicants

    I applied with 10 points and 2 classes as well...hoping thats enough!
  3. akimb24

    TVCC LVN program selection points

    Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. If you dont mind me asking, do you know the start salary/pay rate for a surgical tech in the dallas area?
  4. akimb24

    TVCC LVN program selection points

    Hey JenellNewsome- Did you like the Surgical Tech program with TVCC, I am considering applying but I havent gotten much feedback?

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