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  1. jorisa

    Washington Hospital Center RN Residency October 2011

    Congrats to you October RN Program nurses! I will be on 3C. I'm currently looking for housing and thought how great it would be to live with someone who is starting the program too so my google search has led me here. My physical is scheduled this Friday so I will be in the area this weekend, hopefully to look at some places while I'm there. I hear Columbia Heights is a good neighborhood near WHC. If anyone is still looking for a housemate, please let me know :)
  2. jorisa

    Washington Hospital Center RN Residency October 2011

    savexpigoo: Sorry, but I think the October cohort is the last for the year. If I remember correctly, HR said the next one would be in February or March. Their number is (202) 877-7441.

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