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  1. Hi how are you.?i am an applicant for al kharj i just want to know if it is worth the wait i am being impatient. Is it really worth the wait? How many months till you get deployed? 

  2. maryg12

    Al Kharj Military Hospital

    guys any updates?
  3. maryg12

    Al Kharj Military Hospital

    thank u mickey,angel ur concern really help.....im worried and wondering it takes 7 or 8 mos, but until now we don't have our visa...(most of us)...i just called arjoys and they said only half of us fortunately send to riyadh already...i dont know if dat is true...from 75RN , 35 or more are still waiting...and alkharj are sending visa maximum of 15Rn in a month...so we have to wait until next year???? i didnt know if its worth waiting....pls help...thank u