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  1. futurenursingstudent

    how would you decide..?

    which school/program to attend?i am accepted to 3 in-state universities,but not their actual nursing program,i dont find that out until sophomore year (take pre-reqs/general ed first).would you decide based on competitiveness,# of people allowed,money,etc?Please help me I am so overwhelmed.It seems like any school I choose is going to be a gamble whether I get into their program or not.
  2. futurenursingstudent

    Question about these programs

    Are these LPN programs any good?Theyre not accredited by the NLNAC but they are by the state of FL. Concorde Career College (Jacksonville,Tampa,FL) Medvance (West Palm Beach,FL) Your replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Angela.
  3. futurenursingstudent

    Help me please!

    Does anyone know about the following programs? Austin Peay State University South College (Knoxville) East Tennessee State University I greatly need your input because I have to choose one of these 3 schools to attend. Thanks, Angela
  4. futurenursingstudent

    COMPASS Exam

    thank you so much!:)
  5. futurenursingstudent

    Macon State College

    How is their program?
  6. futurenursingstudent

    ETSU or APSU

    Has anyone attended/graduated from the nursing programs at ETSU or APSU?How was your experience there?
  7. futurenursingstudent

    Lynchburg College

    Has anyone graduated from or will be attending their nursing program?Has anyone heard anything about the program?
  8. futurenursingstudent

    COMPASS Exam

    Has anyone taken the COMPASS?What is the math section like?
  9. futurenursingstudent

    South Georgia College

    SGC is located in Douglas,GA in south georgia below macon on the ga/fl line.
  10. futurenursingstudent

    Frustrated with NET testing

    dont give up!i too got frustrated with the no calculator thing because the way i was taught math was to use a calculator ALL the time.i tried to review as best as i could for the math section..math isnt my strong subject anyways and i failed by one point.i cant retake the NET again until may so i said screw that im not waiting that long..my advice is i have applied to some schools that either dont require an entrance test at all jus prereqs or use a different test besides the NET.there are tons of schools out there,do your research :)
  11. futurenursingstudent

    South Georgia College

    Anyone attend/graduate from South Georgia College?How is their nursing program?
  12. futurenursingstudent

    Barton College

    Is anyone attending or graduated from Barton College of Nursing?How was your experience there?I just got accepted to the university for Fall 2005.
  13. futurenursingstudent

    King College

    King College-Bristol,TN Has anyone attended this college or heard of their nursing program?