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LP2R_NjouRNney has 2 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Pediatric.

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    Getting Discouraged -_-

    I've worked in a foster care clinic for 2 years with patients ranging from 2 days to 24 years old. In Feburary, I've decided I wanted to transition to home care and LTC. I understand during this time many places are looking for nurses but the facilities I've been to have not been as welcoming. It's either "oh, you dont have experience" or "I'm getting cursed out by a disgruntled over worked nurse who doesn't want a training nurse on her unit. Am I just to wait until C-19 ever decides to blow over or should I just head to a transition program? I love nursing but I'm starting to consider Social Work.
  2. Yea thats a typical day. Because once peopke found out they can use blue slips to leave early it was gettibg out of hand.
  3. I thought you guys started today.
  4. So section 1 & section 2 dont attend classes on the same days?
  5. The questions are nclex style to begin your critical thinking skills. Everything they do is to prepare you for the nclex.
  6. I wish you guys the best of luck on your first day and see you 2nd semester
  7. Your first tests usually come the following week.
  8. Also index cards will become your best friend. They are easy to carry around especially if yiu are working. If you were given the list of abbreviations and terminology. Learn that list inside and out
  9. Yes. I think its called vocational adjustments in the first semester. In the first semester you will become familiar with the drugs used in long term nursing homes
  10. In the first semester your learning a lot about the Nursing process. They send you on your first clinical rotation at an assisted living residence where you do observations. Second portion of clinicals you will be applying what youve leraning in lab(ie: taking blood pressures, temps, listening to heart rate) The 1st semester may seem like breeze and easy but I recommend reading, go to tutoring when its offered. Make sure you stay on top of your drugs. Purchase a Davis drug book new or old addition. There are YouTube videos that can help you if your a visual learner. On YouTube you can search: khan academy, ftplectures, Michael Linares. You guys will also learn about calculating drug dosages.
  11. The test are done on scantrons. No essays. The only time you would have to fill in is if you were absent on a test day and you would have to complete a fill in the blank. If anyone has questions I'm more than happy to answer.
  12. Im pretty sure that one will be sent/or given to from the financial aid office. Call and ask Mr. ******* about it. The business office usually just collects payments.
  13. Would someone be kind and send me the link for the uniforms?
  14. No we did not. It was included in the very expensive tuition, but than again a lot of the things are new so I just hope its the same daggone uniform and books when I return because NONE of that stuff was cheap.
  15. If you guys dont mind me asking how much is tutition for 2014-2015? Im not sure why your paying out of pocket for your uniforms

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