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  1. sanchezlpn

    Questionable? What to do?

    Hi there, I am here to ask a question, if you have problems with your cna's and you are the LPN in charge, no charge nurse, just you on the floor in a facility, like where I work, and after 2 months you still are having trouble, disrespect including walking off after being asked to do something (insubordination) and nothing is done, your supervisor says they will have meeting, but you never hear anything, what should you do? On top of it all, I like my job, but how can a nurse, rn or lpn work with just a few people that (1-3) that are not doing what they are asked to do from nursing dept. Where to go from here? anyone? nursing gal
  2. sanchezlpn

    Starting my LPN program in September!

    Good luck! You can do this. I graduated this year and have landed a great job on top of it. What to do to prepare, well, where are your weaknesses? Like are you not so good at english, math, etc., because normally you will have to take a pre-exam to get in. After this, alot of studying, note taking and if you are not good at note taking, start preparing now. Where I went we could not use recorders, so I had to get used to active listening and note taking all the time. Read, read and re-read your stuff if you are not sure of something, listen carefully and DO ask questions! Don't be afraid of asking anything! Even if it sounds crazy, its not! Learn learn and learn as many medications as you can! Good luck! nursing gal
  3. sanchezlpn

    Rude Cna To Nurses

    Really....you know what really is quite funny...not the laughing kind of funny though...that rude cna's that treat their nurses like crap, don't speak when spoken to, walk on the unit as if they own the place, rude behavior and offensive attitude are actually really hurting themselves.....why I say this? I am an LPN on a unit where I have just one person that is exactly as described above...rude and obnoxious!!! By all means is this person hurting themselves...yes, because this person won't ask me for anything, that person is not getting any help from me if I am unaware they need some additional help on the floor. So in the long run, I spend time with those that respect me, get along with me and don't take me as a fool.....and for those that don't know it, I also know that every time I leave or arrive on the floor, a text message is being sent to the other telling them where I am! I am no fool, I play along and have learned more than I would like to mention here! To all the nurses out there that are being treated like this...I am truly one of the nurses that goes thru this about every night! nursing gal
  4. sanchezlpn

    For all the nurses on this site!

    Liked that, but if the CNA's and others in the workplace of taking care of people would just realize that NURSES do so much more than just push meds and hand out pills to everyone! It's not about just giving a pill and walking away, its our job, its our life to take care of people and we, I wanted to become a nurse for this reason, to help others! I am appauled by the way some of the team I work with, one in particular thinks she/he can be rude and loud to the nurse there on the floor that is in charge. When push comes to shove, I guess we'll see the victor, but I promise, I am not leaving!!!! I am writing all of this person's crap as I see it on paper and just waiting for the ball to drop on them! I am a nurse! I am there to work hard and not be their friend nor am I there and will not tolerate attitude when I ask a simple question, or if I don't give a med when THEY want me too..... just saying....today, I am over the attitude and no one seems to care! nursing gal
  5. sanchezlpn

    How do I handle insubordinate CNAs?

    Sorry to have chapped you! I am fairly new there, and yes, my superior has just recently told me that this person is like this, so it tells me that they, my superiors are not going to change anything nor do anything about this...I will speak up when due, and to this person, but I am also doing my job first hand, this person is not necessarily not doing their job, they are just giving me hell in the mean time! nursing gal
  6. sanchezlpn

    HIPAA.... violation or not....

    Never and I say Never talk about others, including clinical experience using names of any kind, not even a nickname because I have found, the world is very small and someone always knows the other! Sorry you got kicked out, but you know the Hippa Law! You are a student and you should have been severely reprimanded, maybe not kicked out, but hey, you do know the Hippa thing, right?
  7. sanchezlpn

    How do I handle insubordinate CNAs?

    You have to be kidding me, right....that it bit you because of the insubordination! I am being very careful, but also documenting everything, and I mean everything!!!! I will not do anything about it, I have heard though, that this person has always been like this and I ask, why would anyone be allowed to act like this to another, especially when its someone that is simply asking questions, not directing nor being rude back? I continually keep on track, getting in my time, getting in my experience as time will only be the answer to this issue!!! Only time will lead me to the right place...and I am sticking it out for now...and doing my job well, allowing those people that want to act with unkindness to continue, and they will eventually sink! My days are too filled with love for the people I care about there, so I decided, just ride it out and let time tell who sinks! Thanks for all the input nurses! nursing gal
  8. sanchezlpn

    How do I handle insubordinate CNAs?

    If the facility has no policy in place or other nurses do not also do the same (asking the cna's to let us know when they need to smoke, or leave the unit or floor) then I am the only one stuck in a bad position, alot of resentment because I would then be the only nurse actually asking the shift I work to really work. I don't mind down time even, its not even my beef here, its the attitude when I do ask of something, anything that is....not that I mind down time, its the fact that I can't even be a nurse to my patients without attitude of why I do things I do....I have expectations as to when dinner is over, say 6 p and 10:30 or so the dining room still has not been cleaned, come on, is this too much to ask? Leaving things to be done at the last minute could cause it to not get done period especially if there were an emergency situation....then how would it get done? My point!!!! Get your work done then if you have downtime, go with it...thats all I am screaming at!!!! And I am actually fighting this entire process where I work....no one wants to be the bad guy on my shift, so here I am, the only nurse on this shift and when I work, its a problem, I expect work to actually get done!!!! I know people looking for work, maybe we should post a sign hiring aides for my shift....give them something to think about! nursing gal
  9. sanchezlpn

    Excessive smoke breaks

    I pray everyday for this one aide not to be there when I work.....terrible, but she is rudest person I know!
  10. sanchezlpn

    How do I handle insubordinate CNAs?

    Is this really happening elsewhere? I too have this problem with one person in particular and I don't like confrontations myself, but being an LPN I want the job done and done right. I also am a pretty newbie at nursing and this particular job but I am not stupid! I however lack experience and handling such arrogance of this one cna or caregiver? not sure? I do not expect to get attitude and disrespect when asking a question to the aides on the floors but still get it. I have gone to my supervisor, she says they are testing me....my thing is that I should not HAVE to put up with this as their supervisor on the shift I work. I work well with everyone else. I am so unable to deal with this person I am at a loss of words and am soooo tired of the crap from this aide. I have kept journals, now I am just hoping I don't get booted cause I am new and now the waters are stirring!!!!! nursing gal
  11. sanchezlpn

    Excessive smoke breaks

    I have to comment on this one....I work in a facility that for assisted living and we have dementia also there. I say to you about this...what you are talking about is so common I am over it where I work. I get attitude, people missing and no one carries any radio's in case we need them even when we are supposed to. I guess I am supposed to yell to the top of my lungs to get attention should I need it....sad thing is that even when people live in assisted living aren't they supposed to be checked, like the briefs being dry every hour to 2 hours? OR AM I totally missing the point here? Lady with real bad red area not changed for 5 hours, is this acceptable, and I asked cna, "she said she was dry"? really? I wander who I am really working with and should I continue to accept attitude, eyes rolling, people smart remarks as an LPN? nursing gal
  12. sanchezlpn

    Disrespectful Aids/CNA's

    I am really not trying to be mean or be having them work any harder than they already do, but this one particular situation the patient was not well, the patient was dizzy, did not have steady gait, and was hallucinating, so I withheld a prn for pain. I did what I thought was best and even if the cna does know the patient well, come on, really now....to give prn when this patient was having symptoms of something that could have been exhuberated with pain med (narc)...I am a newly licensed nurse yes, but I love my license and I love these people and do not want anything to happen to them. I do still believe that even though this cna wanted me to give prn and I did not that cna did not have to respond like she did...... nursing gal
  13. sanchezlpn

    Disrespectful Aids/CNA's

    I met with a friend of mine, who is also an LPN and she explained to me that our facility is not long term it is difference in asst. living and I should have a more relaxed approach to everything, however, what happened regarding meds was that I explained to the person questioning me about this the reason why so she would understand my point, and then she continued to be rude and nasty about the entire situation, and eventually I found out they called my supervisor after this was done, which, was told that I am the nurse on duty. I am trying to have a more relaxed atmosphere and not be so hard nosed, but they don't give me any slack as to my authority rules over them when I am giving meds and I have a license to protect. nursing gal
  14. sanchezlpn


    Thank you so much for updating me on electroinics that are great for new nurses. I am so easily exciteable when something happens where I work, I need to chill and remain calm, but being a new nurse, not being what I call seasoned nurse is hard at times to remain calm. But I am trying to do this! Thanks again...... nurse gal
  15. sanchezlpn

    Ugh! Disrespect..

    Assisted Living but I have decided to take a backseat in this whole thing. A friend nurse came to me and we talked, I am not in a ltf where I need to be so head strong. I can take a breath and allow things to just flow. I am apologizing for being so head strong to these girls., my other girls on the other hand are the bomb. I know I have a good relationship with them.....I feel things just got off on the wrong foot with these aids though... nursing gal
  16. sanchezlpn

    Ugh! Disrespect..

    so here i am, again upset....i totally have been trying to find peace with this person i work with, lay off a little and don't be so hard on getting things done, but when i ask a question, not state to do a job, i then get disrespect...what the heck....i am so over this issue i decided to go above this and to my boss who may have to take things in her hands at this point, 2 days in a roll with this person. i will not tolerate this!!!! i am the nurse and i will not allow anyone on my floor to treat me like i am an idiot, like i don't know what i am doing and to be totally rude to me...i will not allow it!!!!! standing firm! nursing gal