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  1. jlourd22

    Here is an example of a clincal finding narrative for SOC

    Homecare can at times be the worst thing. Some of these agencies are really taking advantage of Medicare and the poor nurses who have mountains of papers to do FOR FREE while these companies keep getting richer and richer. The worst part is if you get stuck you can't do anything else since you use 0 skills. I blame the nurses who let them take advantage of them.
  2. jlourd22

    LPn to RN online course

    :mad:Ive been a LPN for 6 months, i really want to go back to school for my lpn to rn program, but i dont know if its better to go through excelsior college or use one of these schools that help you like achieve test preparation once a week, but all i know is that is way cheaper going directly through excelcior college than using these schools. I need helppppppp, i want to go back and do my RN and get over with, what do you guys suggest me?
  3. jlourd22

    New LPN student!

    read a lot and do questions, i downloaded nclex pro for my smartphone and it helped a lot, if you dont know the answer is ok just read the rationale, you will see how helpfull that is. my computer turn off in question 85 on my nclex and now i am a happy LPN, you will se time flies and soon you will be applying for your boards, good luck, do questions for every class you take and you will do great, i did