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  1. postmortRNhere

    Differences between Medical Assistants and Registered Nurses?

    Very frustrating...I cannot compare either. A nurse is so much more...
  2. postmortRNhere

    Title of "BSN" on badge?

    Even with my "BSN" many times I have asked questions and needed help from those much more experienced nurses without a "BSN"......more than I can count. I think it should not be an issue unless it is for the purpose of management. We do not have titles other than "RN" on our badges unless you are supervisor. Just my own humble opinion:mad:
  3. postmortRNhere

    Psych Nurse ="not a REAL nurse"?

    Psych nursing I think is one of the most difficult areas of nursing there are...I would not be able to do it well. It requires so much patience and sensitivity. Those character traits are needed in any area of nursing, but I do think in psych it is needed even more. Of course they are nurses and I respect them for their work. Mental illness is not easy to cope with.
  4. postmortRNhere

    Medical Assisting

    "A nurse is a nurse LPN,RN, NP." There is no way that an MA can be compared to any kind of nursing. First of all Nursing is Licensed by the state, and MA's are certified. Secondly, the education is far more complex even at the level of basic nursing, as far as I know MA's are not required to take any Med-Surg class, Maternity and Peds, etc which every nurse must take and pass, LPN RN alike. Having worked my way up the ladder I can honestly say, that we are talking oranges and apples. MA's have their function and nurses too. I worked in an OBGYN's office and she had 4 MA's all of which tried to get in to nursing colleges and failed the entrance exams just to apply...now I don't want to offend anyone to imply that they were dumb, but my point is they are far less educated in the subject matter needed for nursing. I was constantly being asked how I was able to do it, and how difficult it was for them to study...my answer was and is "There is no shortcut to being a nurse you must go thru the college education/training." Yes, there are plenty of MA's who are given alot of basic nursing experience by way of their employers, but that does not imply you have as much experience or education as any nurse. I am A BSN and I do not write RX"S and would not even dare regardless of any physicians request. That is why you become a "Nurse Practitioner" and continue educating yourself. I hope this does not offend anyone it is just that I really get worked up about this issue.
  5. postmortRNhere

    failed boards twice

    Please do not give up !!! You will pass it is just a matter of when...Heck, I think I passed because I was able to make educated guesses about the NCLEX....I know it is easy to give this advice when you are the one who did not make it but believe me it is more common than you know. In my graduating class that started with 30 students, 9 survived the program, several have not passed the NCLEX. Pride is a big thing alot of people will never admit if they also took the NCLEX more than once. What you need to do is figure out where you are lacking in skills, perhaps you need to learn test taking strategies to better help you when you do not know the content. Please do not compare yourself the the others it does no good. I graduated with a 2.5 GPA not good and passed. Our Cum Laude student took the NCLEX twice! Please don't despair.
  6. postmortRNhere

    Nurse called "stupid cow" in Oscar movie

    I suppose we can be a little more sensitive and pick up on these things because we are nurses. But we are not alone. I come from a family where many are in law enforcement and over and over they are also portrayed in a not so good light. It is sad...no respect.
  7. postmortRNhere

    Nursing is taking over my life!!!!

    Sounds like episodes of anxiety with the school being an exacerbating condition....if you have anxiety in general about other areas of your life there is NOTHING wrong with consulting a professional about this. In this day and age no one should have to subject themselves to such mental and physical conditions just so they can say "I don't take medication." Nonsense, if you need meds you should be able to take them, if indeed it is determined they can help you. Anxiety can impair your ability to function and cope with everyday stresses. Eventually you can learn how to cope with anxiety in other ways. Only you know how bad the anxiety has been. There is a help... Just my own personal opinion.
  8. postmortRNhere

    Age when you had your first child?

    #1 at 32 1994 #2 at 35 1997 #3 at 36 1998 #4 at 37 1999 I forgot what my body looked like after being pregnant almost every year. Not to mention the constant vomiting nausea and vomiting.
  9. It all depends on your situation. My story is I wanted to be an "RN" and decided to research what programs were available in my area (Los Angeles). I quickly found out as with all community colleges there is a big wait.In my case time was a factor I was in my thirties and had a family to look after. My wait for the RN program was going to be about 3 semesters so I went ahead into the "LVN" program at a private college here. I finished obtained my license and almost immediately applied to an RN program and was accepted and placed in the 3rd semester. To make a long a story short...there is no disadvantage to that route. I later pursed my "BSN." I graduated in the summer of '2005." at the old age of 42. Nothing is impossible...I went thru all of nursing school with a not so supportive spouse, and 4 children under 11 years of age. The rewards are far greater than any hardship along the way.
  10. postmortRNhere

    Man dies after falling out of bed wearing a vest restraint

    I am shocked...I don't have much experience with those vest restraints, nonetheless it is disturbing. I agree with Suzanne also.
  11. postmortRNhere

    Any benefit to Medical Assisting or Scrub Tech?

    I would go with the CST, also the most credit you will get in any nursing program for your medical assisting program is maybe 1 week to 2 weeks credit, at least that is what they give here ( Los Angeles, Cal.) and some colleges will not even consider it. Sad but true. I would choose based on what you want to learn and do now...not whether or not it will enhance your nursing education. As far as LVN schools have you tried private colleges? they usually don't have waiting lists that long. Due to the cost. Otherwise just start on all your prereqs for the nursing program. Unless you already completed them. I don't know where you live but have you tried inquiring into a distance program ? I think (not sure) "Deaconess College of Nursing" has a distance LVN program. Just a couple of suggestions...Good Luck.
  12. postmortRNhere

    Nurse terminated after having baby

    Consult an attorney that specializes in wrongful termination, to obtain information as to whether you have a case, or are they within what the laws allow in your state. Otherwise you will just continue to wonder if they could or couldn't terminate you. You can call your State Bar Association and they also give referrals. Just to be sure. Believe it or not some very large corporations get away with many wrongful terminations, and nothing is done because we assume they comply with certain labor laws.Nobody questions them. Few people actually resort to legal action so they continue to do these things. You can get information at no cost about your situation.
  13. postmortRNhere

    Body Worlds

    Hello, I attended the exhibit 3 times and could have gone another 3 or more.It is fascinating truly....The first time we left without being able to utter a word for quite a few minutes. It is really the only occasion where you will ever see the human body in its complete state as these are. I highly recommend this for any medical professional. You also will see organs in their healthy state and then in their diseased state. Also there are multiple exhibits of the brain and how they look after CVA, etc. I feel that no matter how well educated you are in these areas seeing one or two specimens is quite different than seeing this vast amount of human anatomy in person. I live in Los Angeles and the exhibit was here for well over 3 months.
  14. postmortRNhere

    Ambulatory resident with dementia who spits all the time

    Yes, I agree with "CrunchRN" Psych meds. I am assuming the patient is probably on some type right now, you may need to suggest to the physician a different one until this behavior is under some kind of control. It may not stop completely but it can be less frequent. Also it may take a while for the meds to show improvement. I know that some physicians may not be too receptive to your suggestion but you should try. As far as the mask goes, as with the other posts I don't think that would ever work. He will probably just take it off. Is he easily distracted ? You can try to give him something that can keep him busy at least in spurts. Sounds like extreme anxiety along with the dementia. I have seen patients do well with antipsychotic drugs who exhibit these types of behaviors. Maybe some of theses suggestions can help. Good Luck
  15. postmortRNhere

    Shocked and horrified!!

    Yes, I think you should address this with both the mother and teacher in the event the parents want to keep this private and never let the school know. Some parents are very ashamed of such things which could interfere with any kind of intervention. As the mother of four ages 12,8,7,6, I can tell you that this is so prevalent that you never know if your kids will try it. I talk and talk to my kids to drive the message into their little brains about many issues, but in the end you just have to "PRAY AND PRAY." What else can you do ??? :uhoh21:
  16. postmortRNhere

    "Nursing assistant dies of flesh eating bacteria.

    The truth is, physicians also sometimes can't pinpoint an exact diagnosis. But I feel so sad because she probably worked very hard as many CNA's do and this happens. I wonder if this would be considered a liability for the facility ??? Being that you don't need gloves to handle a wheelchair. It may sound like a dumb question but I wonder...also I now see even law enforcement wearing gloves while handling people in custody for simple procedures such as handcuffing. I had never seen that before.