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I'm a simple girl trying to become a RN.. Confussed about what path I should take

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  1. And done your and I’ll email you
  2. Hi it’s 8 months
  3. Care Hope College in FL?

    Call your BON if it’s compact just get it endorsed or just register with your state I’m coming from MD

    What is the pros & Cons of Care Hope college Nursing!! Have anyone taken the proctored TEAS through the school? How is the exams & exits How is the clinicals?
  5. Care Hope College in FL?

    Hi can I ask was this the total percentage of the NCLEX pass rate ?
  6. Care Hope College in FL?

    I spoke to some That finished the program and they said it’s just the exit exam at the end of the program
  7. Care Hope College in FL?

    I will be attending January 2022 as well can we exchange emails ?
  8. I am aware thank you ! They are approved on the board of nursing … However, ever school have to have their 1st cohort .
  9. Okay , I will be starting January 10th it’s hybrid . Online class and clinical in person for 7 days 12hrs … 8 week sessions for classes you can take prerequisites at any place and or through them . Cost 19k with prerequisites. I think 26 without
  10. Hi did you attend? Hi did you attend ??
  11. ICHS June 2021

    Hi , can I ask do you know any other school that are online for out of state ? Also y’all don’t do online clinical site lls ? Have you graduated yet ?
  12. ICHS June 2021

    Hi , can I ask is it fasfa accepted ? Also, is it an entrance exam and do you know the score needed? Do you have to take exams in person or on the computer ? How have the program been so far ? Looking to start the next program .
  13. Care Hope College in FL?

    Hi thank you I am hoping to apply fir the January 2022 class . Can I ask how did you only have to do 2 semesters? I have all my prerequisites but it’s looking like 5 modules ( semesters) . Also you have to score a 850 on each HESI from each cla...