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  1. pjreyes128

    How to study for med surg??!

    You need to re-evaluate your Study methods. I hate powerpoints and books. But I love listening and videos. Employ youtube to your advantage. Re-write notes if you can, this worked for me so much. Example for Med Surg i did was table type method of note taking 1st column the condition/disorder 2nd column s/sx 3rd diagnostic eval 4th Treatment 5th potential nursing diagnosis 6th Nursing interventions/considerations. But it really depends on how you absorb information, and you are the only one who can find that out.
  2. pjreyes128

    Im from Philippines and planning to take an NCLEX

    1.) Easiest to apply they say is Hawaii... no english test and such 2.) NO, not on all states 3.) New York and Florida is one ..... but be warned they will not give you a license number until you have a SSN 4.) Tips.... vary from state to state... so better do your research on your target state ... and make sure your target state is feasible... it is a place you see yourself working hopefully in the long run
  3. pjreyes128

    NCLEX Does it have to be 85 questions to pass?

    Read the test plan.... so you get more comfortable with the test and you will not get blind-sided =)
  4. pjreyes128

    how much has NCLEX changed since 2009?

    Fundamentals per se haven't changed alot since that time ... That book would just do fine ..... The questions on the CD will still be relevant as it will hone your critical thinking and refresh your core content
  5. pjreyes128


    Don't freakout ... just wait for your result and don't assume for the worst... and next time ..... please read the candidate bulletin so you will not get blindsided.....
  6. pjreyes128


    Saunders is tried and tested way to go .... I both have the two books... The order Saunders is presented is really nice compared to mosby. i.e. the pediatric area in mosby it is divided into age groups, in saunders it is divided by system... what you can do to really check it out is go to amazon preview the table of contents of both books and then decide which do you think you want to use. Though, majority of people here who passed and posted the materials they used. Most of them used saunders =)
  7. pjreyes128

    Boards for the second time

    From what I read here a very little number of people who gets the good pop-up actually fails ...To most, the trick works
  8. pjreyes128

    Immigrant in CA requiring make up courses for California

    They don't have their ATT as of the moment ....since they just started the program a month ago ....and is expected to finish next month
  9. pjreyes128

    Immigrant in CA requiring make up courses for California

    I'm sorry for replying late ... I'am also reviewing for my upcoming nclex exam.... sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused you .........check national university in san diego, Mount Saint Mary's College (MSMC), CSU san bernardino( but my friend told me they won't be offering it again after this summer semester), or Fresno State (since fresno state is actually applying to the BRN to create a bridging program for IENS for NCLEX eligibility)
  10. pjreyes128

    Latest NCLEX Questions

    I don't think somebody will divulge the information regarding test items ... but you can see from the forum the trends ..... like lately prioritization questions and sata dominates the test. That's from what I read here so far.
  11. review for the nclex mine took 7 months before my eligibility arrived .... my school is in the Philippines
  12. Facebook.com/pjreyes01281992
  13. ok what is your facebook =)
  14. hi ...do you use ym lets chat there =)
  15. It's not the cases honestly.. they are fretting about it is the number of units .. I graduated from the Philippines as well I knew someone who finished all 5 cases concurrently ...though he still received the same rejection letter as my other classmates whose cases are not concurrent
  16. pjreyes128

    Immigrant in CA requiring make up courses for California

    If you have been formally rejected by California... what you should do is start contacting all accredited nursing schools if they will offer it to you...my friend took it from a private school for 12,000 usd ... some went to a state university and paid 4000... try contacting schools around you if they will be able to fit you in their MS and OB classes( if you are a graduate of 2012 onwards), Psych (for 2011 graduates) ... not LVN classes