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  1. Amber85

    Career Advance in Tulsa

    I'm in the program now, what were you wanting to know?
  2. Amber85

    Working and School?

    I will be entering the LPN program at TTC in November with the core starting in Jan. I was wondering if anyone had done this program and worked also. I have a small child and work full-time as a CNA now, and with the program being M-F and all day is working a good idea? And if you did work did it affect your GPA?
  3. Amber85

    Tulsa Tech LPN tuition

    I was wondering the exact same thing, Most set up payment plans, although I had heard someone say they can go to individual banks also. And the grants like Pell Grant and OTAG help alot.
  4. Amber85

    LPN at Tulsa Technology Center (TTC)

    I recently got accepted to the LPN program at TTC I had a very high point average though, but I do know another student who had around a 93 that got in, but was in a class right behind mine. I think to be competitive you need to have about a 18 or higher on the HESI and have CNA for the extra five points also. If you have any other questions let me know. They do have a study book for the HESI that was really helpful.