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  1. blessed87

    ABSN USA JULY 2011

  2. Hello I recently applied to SUNY Accelerated Program for the Spring 2012 semester and had a few questions. Were the job prospects high after graduation? NCLEX passing Rates? I saw that you stated that the program is more "oriented theory and management," does that mean you didnt get good clinical experience? how many clinical hours did you receive? What were the highlights of this program? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  3. blessed87

    SUNY Buffalo ABS program

    Hello, I applied the Accelerated program for spring 2012 at Buffalo and was wondering if you had any reviews on how the program has been thus far. How are clinicals and how often do you have them?
  4. blessed87

    Marymount Accelerated Fall 2011

    Hello, I am currently waiting for a response for the Spring 2012 semester. I was wondering if there is an exit exam requirement other than the NCLEX? I saw in other threads the mention os the HESI
  5. blessed87

    What to do?....Marymount or Catholic University

    Thank you!! Can I ask what your gpa was when u applied. I am currently waiting to here a response. My gpa is a 3.2 and ive worked in health care so I pray i get in!
  6. blessed87

    Marymount Accelerated Fall 2011

    Hello! Im interested in Marymount for the Spring and Ive been hearing varying info on the time frame. Is the program 18months or 16months including the summer semester. If I start in the Spring when can I expect to be done?
  7. blessed87

    What to do?....Marymount or Catholic University

    Hello! I was wondering how long did it take to complete the acc program at Marymount. Was it 16months including the summer?
  8. blessed87

    Anyone took Online Pathophysiology and Pharmacology at SBCC??

    I was wondering what teacher did you take for Patho?
  9. blessed87

    Anyone just take Pathophysiology at SBCC?

    Hi do you have any info on Pathophysiology at Santa Barbara College online
  10. blessed87

    Anyone just take Pathophysiology at SBCC?

    Hi @heather925 I am currently in the process of registering for Patho this Fall and would love any info that you can provide.