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  1. Don't you all have mental illness, how do you have jobs then?? So why such discouraging words?? Honesty is nice but it seems like you hate your jobs.... trust me being a massage therapist isn't its all cracked up to be. I think nurses that are hateful and not happy bc they don't like what they do and shouldn't be doing it if you're so miserable.
  2. Thanks for the honesty Jules A. I'm scared of anything that is hard and am my own worst enemy. I was actually more upbeat about the program 5 years ago b/c I didn't ask anyone their opinions. However had a harsh dose of reality my first day which killed my confidence.
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping to get positive feedback or honest feedback whichever. In february of 2011, I was Diagnosed with BP I and still healing from the aftermath of what my extreme mania made me do and the deep dark depression that followed. I applied to take the Nursing program in January 2012 and am terrified due to my own insecurities along with what everyone tells me about the program. I applied to the program and got in about 5 years ago but with the death of my grandfather and the fact that the teachers scared the crap out of me I dropped out after a week. The teachers told us that only 25% of the class will graduate, our lives are over, and basically, "welcome to hell." There was no warmth or positive feedback whatsoever. I do not respond well to negativity and harsh personalities. I'm currently a massage therapist looking for a career change as I can not retire doing this work not to mention the monotany of the career. I do love to help people and feel better about myself when I do. Massage school even though was a lot of studying, wasn't hard, just lots of work. I only worked 2 days while going to school which helped tremendously. I think I wasn't scared bc its not like I can screw anything up while working and I don't have to remember minute details. Nursing on the other hand can be deadly if you make even the smallest mistake. When I'm put on the spot or asked to respond in seconds with an answer I get flustered and don't live up to my full potential. I know this career is a lot of thinking quick on your feet along with being able to multitask. I'm just wondering if my personality type along with my disorder will compromise my progess and success? What can I do during school to make me more successful? If anyone else has BP, how did you handle school, what did you do to get through it? How did you handle your depressive episodes and were you able to pull out of it? How many espisodes did you go through while going to school? What medications did you take? I currently take Lamictal and Tegretol. Should I even go to school????? I want to be part of the medical profession, make a difference, as well as have the ability to be able to support myself in every aspect, especially financially. Does anyone have suggestions or feedback? Please help me.... Thanks Jo'Ann
  4. joannlmt83

    bipolar; please help

    Fireline, Hi, new to the site and supposed to be starting Nursing school in Jan. 2012. I've been recently diagnosed with BP I in February of 2011. I'm completely terrified especially bc of the many negative things i read on this site, the harsh truths and the fact that I'm not sure how I would push through my depressive episodes. The last bought that got me my diagnoses I'm still healing from and very volnurable. I've been told nursing school is super hard, the course work is overwheliming and stressful, and the teachers are tough and not compassionate. How does anyone with BP get through it???? I don't like mind games and I'm not motivated by negativity. Do you have any suggestions that will help ease my mind about going to school? Maybe suggest things that will make it easier for me to get through??? THanks
  5. joannlmt83

    Anyone Bipolar???

    Littlenoodnik.... hey thanks for the response even though it wasn't exactly all that positive but honesty is the best. I tried copy and pasting so you would know who I'm writing to. I'll read the forum thanks :)
  6. joannlmt83

    Nurses with Bipolar Disorder

    Thank you for helping me :)
  7. joannlmt83

    Anyone Bipolar???

    Hi, all. I am new to the site and joined d/t noting the BPD messages. I, too, am bipolar. I have been an RN for 19yrs. and a darn good one, too. I was diagnosed correctly in Fall of 2003. Before that I was only treated for depression because I only went to the MD when I felt like crap. After reading about BPD, I went to a psychiatrist and he agreed I was indeed bipolar. I was placed on new meds and functioned well for the next 4 yrs. with a few med adjustments in between. But, this year everything escalated. I crashed & burned in Feb. and only recovered well enough to return to work in April. I was placed on Lithium in addition to the Lamictal I was on previous. However, within 2 months, I am back on the roller coaster from hell. I have poor concentration & alternately feel like jumping out of my skin or hiding under the covers for life. Geodon was added but I'm unable to tolerate it. The odd thing is I work as a Psychiatric RN! While this does give me intimate knowledge into their feelings, it also makes it painfully aware to me that I may have to leave the nursing profession for the sake of my patients and myself. I am deathly afraid I will come unglued at work and traumatize the patients, not to mention some of the staff. While they (the staff) are aware of my BPD, since this last episode, some of them have taken to "hovering" over everything I do and say. Did I mention my paranoia? (Ha, ha). I guess my question is...how will I know for sure that it's time to hang up the ol' stethoscope? When I'm controlled, I'm great, but I wonder if I will ever again feel controlled. And I don't want to make such a decision if I'm not in the right frame of mind. My MD thinks I can recover again, but I have mountains of bills to pay and am a single Mom besides. Income is rather important for those things. Anyone out there able to give this chick some advice?? All will be appreciated. Hello I'm new to the site and newly diagnosed with BP 1. It has been a few years since you have had this issue, has anything gotten better? I'm supposed to attend nursing school in Jan 2012 but petrified of the level of difficulty of the program that everyone constantly reminds me of not to mention all the episodes I may have during school. Is there any advice you can give me? Were you given any advice that was helpful for your situation?
  8. joannlmt83

    Nurses with Bipolar Disorder

    I like what you had to say and looking for a mentor so to speak about going into the Nursing program. I'm supposed to attend in January of 2012 and and petrified. I love the health care field and want to help others but feel that my BP I is going to get out of control and take a turn for the worse. Emotionally right now I don't feel like I could even take on such a program as many people keep telling me how hard the program is. Is there any advise you can give? I'd appreciate your help thank you. Jo'Ann