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  1. jcurtis7287

    Grand Rapids Community College-What to expect

    Hi there! I'm not actually in the program just yet, but I thought I'd let you know about my wait time. My ready date was October 19th of 2010. I just got my letter saying that my name had come up to meet and discuss my EDP last Friday (August 9th, 2013). I met with them today and I'm scheduled to begin in May of 2014. I hope that help and that someone else can post answers to your other questions. I'd love to hear as well. :)
  2. jcurtis7287

    Michigan community college nursing waiting lists

    GRCC is 3-4 yes for RN.Lake MI Comm College doesn't have a wait list.
  3. jcurtis7287

    Anyone attending GRCC for the RN program?

    Vanotter, I got on the wait list in October of 2010, so I'm about a year behind you. I only have one pre-req left to take and I'll be doing that this fall. I'd love to hear when you actually get called up and start clinicals if you don't mind updating us. Good luck!! Here's hoping that it happens sooner than expected :)
  4. jcurtis7287

    Grand Rapids Community College ADN

    Thank you for the reply! It'd been so long since I posted that I'd almost given up! Out of curiosity here did you go to get your CNA? I've checked out a couple of programs int he area... Walker Medical was one and I can't remember the name of any of the others. Unfortunately they are all a little inconvenient because I have a full time day job and that's when the classes are. I was told by someone that Spectrum? will sometimes hire and actually train you. Have you heard of anything like that? Thanks again for your input - I really appreciate it!! :)
  5. jcurtis7287

    Grand Rapids Community College ADN

    Hi All! I'm new to this site and hoping to hear from some people who are enrolled in or have completed the GRCC ADN program. I'm coming up on year since I received my "Ready Date" and I was wondering if the 3-4 year wait list that they tell everyone is accurate. It's a little depressing!! I'm really hoping that it's shorter than that. I have most of my pre-reqs completed and while I'm still taking some of those I'm pretty tired of waiting. I've also been told by a number of people that hospitals in GR won't hire you unless you have a BSN. It's always been my intention to do a RN to BSN program after I completed my ADN (I couldn't afford to do BSN at a 4 year college), but it still worries me. Can any of you who have completed the program share your experience with that? Also, I don't work in the medical field right now and I'm wondering if I should try to get a part time job (already have a full time) at a local hospital to help familiarize myself... any thoughts from those of you who have/haven't? Thanks guys!!