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  1. North Dakota Nurses RN Refresher

    Hi Denise, Sorry for the delay-I misplaced my password so I couldn't log on. It has been an interesting few months! I am now almost done with the online RN Refresher course at the NH Tech Institute. At the time I wrote this post, I was trying to deci...
  2. Good Morning Everyone! I need to reactivate my RN license as quickly as possible and it looks as though the self-study programs best fit my needs. Both the NH Technical College at Claremont and the North Dakota Nurses Association have programs appro...
  3. Morning everyone!! I live in NH but am interested in the RN self-study refresher program run by the NDNA. Has anyone taken this course and can they give me their opinion? I need to activate my license as quickly as possible and it appears the self-s...
  4. North Dakota Nurses RN Refresher

    Guess my morning coffee hadn't kicked in yet-sorry!! I live in NH, but am interested in taking the refresher course offered by the North Dakota Nurses Association. As part of the course requirements, I have to do 100 hours of clinical here in NH. I ...
  5. I have been inactive for 15 years and need to reactivate my RN license as quickly as possible. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this particular program? My main concern is finding a facility for clinical in the central NH area. If you request a...