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  1. Italia377

    ANCC Medical Surgical Certification

    Has anyone taken the ANCC medical surgical certification exam in October 2018 and how was it?
  2. " They did warn me, to enter at your own risk!"
  3. contest APRIL 2018 caption contest! " I'm going crazy, I need to break out of here!"
  4. Italia377

    Hospitals in Miami-Dade that hires new grads?

    DId you find anything? Which Hospital are you at?
  5. I'm in Specialty Program but I don' t care for this program because it goes to fast and not enough time in hospital. I feel more hands on training in hospital is better. I don't feel I'm ready to go on my own after all this time wasted in class. But teachers were nice but I felt it could have been better. Even my preceptor said it's too laxed. WE need more time in the hospital for training.
  6. Italia377

    University of Miami none support for new graduates :(

    They probably dont want to hire new rns that can cut it. Because, I have a friend who works there as new RN at Um, alot of the new rns seem to leave after the 1 st year. They make you sign a 3 year contract so if you break it, you owe the hospital alot of money.
  7. Italia377

    So, what happened to all the nursing jobs?

    Apply as rehabilation centers because one you get like 1 yr or 2 yrs under your belt all hospitals will hire you.
  8. Does anyone know if its hard to get into rn bsn program at Miami Dade college?
  9. Italia377

    Yet another unemployed new grad..

    What state are you working in? Im Rn with AS degree and BA in psychology.
  10. Italia377

    New RN

    DId they only want RNs with BSN degrees? Will they Hire RN BA degree in psychology and AS in Nursing. I worked in flu clinic, and group home. Thats the only experience i have, but I graduated in DEc 2009.