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  1. mommysunshine

    Nursing Schools with conditional approval

    Hi I know this is a old thread, but did you guys find out about "conditional" approval? I'm interested in a school that has this approval status but is accredited.
  2. mommysunshine

    HESI advice?

    Thank you for response. After doing some research I plan on taking the HESI first!
  3. Hi Jamie I went to LPN school with you, I see your in the RN program!! Congrats Im trying now as well. How was the faculty test?? What did they cover and what is the required TEAS score? Oh btw its Laura 😊

    1. misjmelyn


      Hello! I haven’t logged into here in forever!!! Did you get in to the program?

  4. mommysunshine

    Riverside College of Health Careers RN Fall 2018

    Hi misjmelyn I know this tread is old just looking for some info on the LPN-RN bridge. How was the facultly based test and what did it cover? What do you need to make on the teas to be considered? And did you get your LPN from there?
  5. mommysunshine

    Riverside college of Health Careers

    Hi did you take the faculty prepared test for LPN - RN bridge? Did you apply for the January start? I recevied my LPN from there and want to try to go back bit its been 7yrs!
  6. mommysunshine

    Hesi A2

    Hi guys, Im a LPN trying to get into a RN bridge program. The schools Im applying to each require the HESI A2 and ATI TEAS. Which one should I take first?!! Do you think the TEAS is harder? I did take the TEAS V to get into LPN school but that was 7yrs ago, I know it has changed. Im also concerned about A&P I took those classes 10yrs ago. Any advice will help!!! Thanks
  7. mommysunshine

    HESI advice?

    Hey guys, Just looking for advice, Im a LPN trying to get into a Rn bridge program. I need the Hesi for one school and ati teas test for another. Which test should I take first?!?! Do you guys think one is harder than the other?? I did take the Teas V to get into Lpn school but that was 7yrs ago I know the test has changed. Im also super worried about A&P I took those classes 10 years ago.
  8. mommysunshine

    Cosmetics Nurse

    Hi Im a Lpn and Esthetician I have spent most of my career working in plastic surgery. With you being a Rn they mosty use you in the Or as a circulator as well as pacu for recovery. Most plastic surgery centers will require you to have some type of operating room experince or if you get lucky will do on the job training. Im certified in doing cosmetic injections as well botox, dermal fillers ect in which they paid for me to take the classes. I hope this helped a little I love the cosmetic nursing field and currently trying to get into a Lpn to Rn bridge and have plans to stay in plastics!
  9. mommysunshine

    Teas test smart prep

    Hi I know this is old just wondering if you used the teas test prep, if so what did you think? Im a Lpn trying to get into Rn bridge program.
  10. mommysunshine

    LPN-RN, LPN, or BSN? How should I do this?

    Hi after reading your post I just wanted to reach out to you and share my experince. I also started off as a Esthetician in 2004 went on and received my Lpn in 2012. Im now currently applying to a Lpn to Rn bridge. As others have said its very competative and you must score high on your entrance exams and prereq. If you can go straight for a Rn with a Bsn I would do that oppose to getting a Lpn license.
  11. mommysunshine

    Riverside LPN 2012 Program

    Hi everyone im new to the site just trying to meet others attending riverside lpn in january. I received early acceptance to the program in june i originally applied for the rn starting in sept missed the passing score for the teas by one point!!!!! So trying to stay postive going this route to get to my goal of being an rn. It would be great to hear from anyone i know the wait is crucial and i wish you all the best of luck