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  1. Generic ER Nurse

    What's the meanest thing a patient has said to you?

    probably threatening to murder me and my family. I walk to work, it really wouldn't be hard to do. but side note, Kind off of subject but... When working ER, and patients talk to you with plenty of swears, slang and slurs while they are asking questions or explaining their "illness", I love answering their question or repeating their question back to them (just to make sure I understand correctly) using the exact same swears and slurs, but in a professional medical manner. They get to, why shouldn't we? Not to mention, the look on their face and family members when they realize what they sound like.
  2. Generic ER Nurse

    Burned out and hate nursing

    I have had great managers. I still hate nursing. I hate my job. Most nurses do. It seamed like a good gig, but now I try to tell every student that comes through my ICU or ER. Its worst mistake I have ever made in my life.
  3. I have CEN and CCRN, should I just take my CFRN? Hi gang! So, I have my CEN and CCRN. I'm wondering if I should just go for my CFRN? Are there specific areas to study that are not encompassed in the prior two? I do not work in flight or transport, but I would always like the opportunity. Cheers!
  4. Generic ER Nurse

    Military Nursing

    Hi all, thanks for the info so far. I'm a "civillian" nurse, been working at a busy trauma II for the last 3 years as a RN. Before this I was an EMT-I for 2 years. I have all the certs, CEN included. I'm growing tired of the BS I see on a daily basis. I want more trauma, I need it to stay in this gig. I'm a pretty normal person, I'm not some nut, I have just been lacking fulfillment in my job no matter the setting here. I've been looking at overseas / war zone nursing, maybe for a few years to level out and gain more experience. So far the only thing I have come up with is to join with the services. I'm a ADN but will complete my BSN in the next year. It sounds like some of you have been in the service for some time and know the routine or maybe some more ins and outs. Out of curiosity, is there a place for me out there? I have no family, no kids, no wife. I do not care who I treat medically, as long as I can do my best to help them. Cheers.
  5. Generic ER Nurse

    Missoula MT Pay $?

    Thinking of coming back to the Missoula Area. How is the pay at St. Pats and CMC for ICU or ED nurse? Decent benefits? Any sign on $$ or moving $$? Do either contract with flight directly out of the hospital?, if so are flight staff used in the ED? Happy places to work? Any feed back is much appreciated! Cheers!
  6. Generic ER Nurse


    I'm looking over the book now and am taking the class next week. It seems to me that its basically EMS training for RNs. If you have any EMT/Paramedic background, things should be good...it seems?
  7. Hello all! I am a new grad in desperate need of a Job. I'm ACLS, PALS and TNCC certed. Any advice of how to get into an ER that take new grads close to the Yosemite area? I hear California is expensive and if there is a time to work and live there its when your young and broke (less money to be taxed.) I would really love to hear any advice anyone has.
  8. So, much like many of my fellow grads, I can't find a Job where I live or want to live. I apply to at least 10 openings a day with no call backs. I did very well in school, (Did an ADN and hold a BA) I worked as an EMT-I for a skilled Search and Rescue Team working heavily with Life Flight and Air Med (so dreamy) and am still active as an EMT-I. I'm a BLS instructor, ACLS and am obtaining my PALS and TNCC with in the month. I teach wilderness medicine to gosh dang MED students. What Gives? I need a RN position in the er/trauma field. I love me some trauma victims. So, I live in Salt Lake at the moment but would relocate to anywhere that can feed my climbing and snowboarding addiction (after all, that was a big reason for me to go into nursing!) Does anyone have any leads as to where I should be applying too? What career path I should follow? How do I get into shock trauma and or flight? Where should I move to? :confused:
  9. Generic ER Nurse

    New Grad RN new to Denver.. Any help with finding a job?

    yipes! i was planning on heading to longmont and working any where in the area. i'm: -a new rn grad(adn), -emt-i -ba -acls -bls instructor -lots of search and rescue experience working with life flight -wilderness medicine instructor -and i am desperate for a lead! has anyone had any luck so far?
  10. Generic ER Nurse

    What is ATI?

    My school used this program as well. Essentially its a program to help you prepare for the NCLEX. You will be taking countless tests and remediation. Does not work on IPAD, and the site fails often. It gives rational to all questions, some are pretty good, some are ... not so good. Lots of good informative videos and shorten text books via pdf. You will get frustrated by the details and differences in your texts and what stumbles out of your teachers mouths, but its really just for one test at the end. Also, you will take an ATI predictor exam at the end. It said I had a 93% chance of passing first try and I did. But the bottom line is it is designed to get you in the mind set to answer NCLEX style questions like a drone. I did this and the KAPLAN comprehensive review book and passed in 75 questions a few weeks ago. CHA CHING