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  1. Becoming a nurse at 40?

    :yeah:That is awesome I almost backed out because of my age at first. I was really amazed at how the other students acted. I have showed my teenagers your post and a couple of others just to show them how important it is to do it now. Not to wait til...
  2. has anyone used a "clicker" device for tests?

    I guess it would be easier to look at a clicker, because you hold it up. Yes different strokes for different folks :) It pressures me and some things I do better under pressure. I don't know if the time limit or what. That is funny about the girl cha...
  3. has anyone used a "clicker" device for tests?

    I used a clicker in a Microbiology class of 100 students. We used them for attendance, quizzes, and class exercises. I myself do not like them. I always mark the questions that I feel doubt about and at the end of the exam go back to them. The main r...
  4. Becoming a nurse at 40?

    I am 40 and been in school for a year and start the nursing program next semester. I will be 45 when I am done. I plan to do a BSN with a minor in School Health Education. I love it. I say I am 35. I felt wierd the first semester for a bit, but every...