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  1. kellynn74

    A few questions...

    Oh god. I took an old prescription I had in the house for shoulder injury, ran out and had my dad give me some more. But since that’s a huge no no and the board got wind of anything, my only way out of this is to do a SPAN and the PAP. They’re referring me to this recovery center for an evaluation so I’m not sure who does it. I have no idea what to expect. I know my biggest concern is keeping my liscence. But I’m a bit bitter that I have to alter my everyday life for a mistake most people in like do... d now I have to watch what I eat? I got told to use minimal hairspray? Not 1 glass of wine for a celebration for 2 years? This is nuts. I wonder if it’s all even worth it..... I go to my first “meeting” in a week and have this evaluation in a few weeks when my insurance kicks in. So I am as new as new can get. But— I’m terrified to lose the job I have now if they put stipulations on my liscence. The unknown just freaks me out. I am trying to be positive and think maybe they’ll take a lot of scenario into consideration but after reading all of the other stories. I worry that’s naive of me to think.
  2. kellynn74

    A few questions...

    Hey all. Can any of you who have had a “chemical dependency evaluation” walk me through what to expect? And secondly— is it not allowed or extremely difficult to further your education(example: wanting to get my NP) while going through this whole horrible process? I recall seeing some posts about ppl not being able to get BSNs and stuff... thanks.

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