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med/surg, post-surgical, observation
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PixieButtercup has 13 years experience and specializes in med/surg, post-surgical, observation.

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  1. PixieButtercup

    The new person is a germaphobe.

    I am a total germaphobe! I use bleach wipes to wipe the computer prior to use. I wash my hands then use the sanitizer for my hands and glove up to every patients I see, even when they ask me to hand them water. I use alcohol wipes to clean my stethoscope with each patient use. Before leaving work, I wash my hands two times then put on gloves, use bleach wipes to wipe my shoes and clipboard. I practically use a whole box of alcohol wipes at the end of my shift. Then when I get to my car, I slip out of my shoes ( wearing gloves) put it in the trunk and put on another pair, then use sanitizer again. When I get home, I take off my scrubs in the laundry basket for scrubs only in the laundry room. Then take a really hot shower. I had nurses looking at me like I am crazy, but I don't care! Don't want to bring anything home or catch anything myself. um.....wow. How do you handle places like the grocery store or a doctors office???
  2. PixieButtercup

    How much personal info do you share with pts?

    I'm usually comfortable sharing a little bit about my life with my patients. I work at a small community hospital and most of our patients are from the same community. I recently had a patient after surgery and her family and I started chatting as I was getting her settled in her room. It turns out that we live on the same street. Since then he has seen me waiting at my son's bus stop a few times and he always waves hello. One time he even stopped to tell me how grateful they were for the care his wife received from me. That sort of made my day! Then again, you get your completely nosy patients that can't help but be inappropriate. During my second pregnancy, one of my patients asked if she could ask me a question then proceeded to ask if my pregnancy was planned or unplanned. I told her she could ask me whatever she wanted. Then I turned and walked out of her room. Unbelievable!
  3. At the facility I work at, it seems to have become normal practice for our nurse manager to let employees know about our "mistakes" by hanging a list of employee names with nasty messages and frowny faces on the bulletin board for anyone to see. This has been going on for months and everyone on the floor is upset about it, but we are not really backed up by management so nobody has gone to HR about it or brought it up with our nurse manager. I just got an email that was addressed to me and 4 other RN's informing us about a part of our documentation that was missed. All information was included in the email...our name, which part we missed, how many times it occurred, and the date. It seems to me like 5 separate emails would have been more appropriate. Does anybody have any ideas how to address these occurrences?? Or are we overreacting?
  4. PixieButtercup

    front desk job at a medical office ?

    I worked as a receptionist at a pediatrician's office while I was in nursing school and there were really no skills that carried over to my nursing job. It might also depend on the kind of office you are talking about. The office I worked in, the back office girls basically did throat cultures, vitals and vaccinations. But it might get your foot in the door when/if a back office position opens up. Or maybe one of the doc's could put in a good word for you at the hospital once you have been there for a while? It definitely will give you some customer service skills, though. Good luck!!
  5. PixieButtercup

    So disgusted with everything

    I would literally be written up or fired for saying or doing #1-4. Not kidding.
  6. PixieButtercup

    I did it!

  7. PixieButtercup

    Anyone else see this?

    I live in SW Pennsylvania and I make just under $30/hr. But I have 9 years experience and I'm stand-by (though I do have a regular schedule) and don't get benefits. Maybe they're factoring in agency nurse pay scales? They make very good money. I don't know....$34/hr doesn't sound all that off to me.
  8. PixieButtercup

    trying to buy a stethescope

    I have a Littman Master Classic II that I bought off of allheart.com. It's lasted me about 8 years without a problem. Allheart.com is much cheaper than even amazon.com....not sure about factoring in shipping costs, though.
  9. PixieButtercup

    "I'm a Nurse Practitioner!"

    I work on a post-surgical unit....usually very busy. A few months ago I had a fresh post-op come up from PACU with about 5 family members. The daughter asked me how many patients I had that night. I answered 7. She then turns to the patient and says "Oh Mom! You're in luck! Your nurse hardly has any patients tonight so she won't be too busy. She can come in here and visit with you whenever you want!" She then told me "I know what I'm talking about. I'm a physician's assistant." After a little bit longer of a conversation, it's revealed she's not a physician's assistant, but a medical assistant.