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LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext has 9 years experience as a ADN, BSN.

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  1. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    UTA Fall 2020 PMHNP

    I found one but it’s not very interactive, (search UTA pmhnp) I’m taking patho so I’ve been looking for a group for august— till then I’m in may 2020 advanced patho for study tips
  2. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    UTA Fall 2020 PMHNP

    I was trying too but It kept showing as a dynamic class so I didn’t register
  3. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    Texas Tech PMHNP Fall 2020??

    Could I ask you some questions regarding the essay? I’m looking to apply for the Spring of 2021
  4. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    ITT Tech Breckenridge School of Nursing

    I'm in cohort 7 I grad in 2016 this school isn't bad. It's a nursing program which means it's though and your life revolves around studying. We go to the same hospitals at other schools and I've gotten to use my skills a lot. Lvn to RN!
  5. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    ITT Tech Breckenridge School of Nursing

    hey..did you end up applying to the march class?
  6. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    ITT Tech Breckenridge School of Nursing

    Did you apply for the march class?
  7. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    Lvn program:concorde Arlington,tx

    I graduated from Concorde's lvn program in May '11. I was working as a cNA making 8.00$ an hr. A month after graduating I got hired at an assisted living and I started making 19/hr I got my one year experience there and then got into private duty nursing and am now making way more. Ppl tried to discourage me but trust you get back what you put in and there are so many different opportunities for nurses out there so it's always going to be a job. I have a friend that I graduated with that has a desk job! Good luck to you all !
  8. LvN2RN2BSNWhatsNext

    new lpn salary

    Im a newly graduate LVN making 20$ an hr at an ALF in Ft.Worth

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