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  1. Thank you! I appreciate it. I am going to orientation and such and shall see how it all plays out. Do you have enough time to work while in the program? I wanted to work but dont think I can because I got stuck with a totally sporadic schedule. I am going see what I can make work! Thanks again!
  2. Ha! Yes I graduated hard knocks cum laude! I am going full time! I actually went to a theater program in London straight out of high school and realized that was a mistake so I am back in the US starting a fresh, wanted to do an accelerated program but they didn't wouldn't take my degree because it's foreign. I am excited about the career but definitely nervous about being behind and possibly 7 years older than everyone! Are there older ones in your class? How do you like the program? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm a non traditional student, 26 but I will be starting as a freshman in the fall! Hope there are some more of us around!