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  1. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    Thank you jambalaya_rn! I took my nclex exam July 19th and passed! very excited here! good luck to you! when do you take it? keep us posted!
  2. New Navy NCP Selectee Looking for others!

    Hi there! I am going this August 14. Scheduled to leave next week. I am excited and very nervous at the same time !
  3. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    hi from atoz&backagain, no problem :) i am kinda like you, i prefer to review alone. study buddies are great when everyone shares the same goal and dedication. you do need to find your own pace. at first, i was a little confused about how am i...
  4. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    Hi Iammaj28, i can totally relate. I was a hot mess right before my exam date. As long as you come prepared for your exam, you will be fine. How do you study? what materials are you using? make sure you get some rest too. let us know how you did...
  5. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    Hi Kim! hi there any September NCLEX-RN test takers out there? I graduated from a nursing school in the Philippines a year ago, needed to work first to pay the fees for taking the NCLEX-RN. Now that I have my Authorization to test I plan to take the ...
  6. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    Juicy Private Nars: Hello! I am looking for a review buddy. I am taking my boards this Aug/September. I need a buddy who would remind me to do 100 questions or more a day. I am easily distracted when I am reviewing. Can anyone give me tips on how to ...
  7. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    jewls67: Okay, so this is my studying plan for four weeks and I would like to know what you all thought about this. If this is a good study plan?? Okay, so I have watched all of the hurst online videos on the core content(like 26videos over body syst...
  8. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    Hi I am not sure about Hurst Review Live but I jut recently found out that I passed the nclex rn exam. I used Kaplan and did a whole bunch of questions for 2 straight months. I answered about 100 Qs a day and worked my way up. I only used my book ...
  9. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    Rachael, the good pop up worked for me. I officially learned that I passed today. You did great! --Pinkie
  10. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    Hi ! Today is your big day! woot woot! It's okay, reviewing is good.. just not too much! you will be fine! really! take a nice deep breath. if you get stuck on a problem, don't just randomly guess. try your very very best to make the best guess. ...
  11. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    yayyyy!! Best Wishes to you!
  12. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    Hi Racheal27! just make sure you get some goodnight sleep tonight. I know it will be hard because I was up so early the next day. My test time is not until 12 15 pm but I found my self at the parking lot at 10 am and asked if I can test early. At...
  13. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    ooyay!!!! i thought mines pretty hard. i did that famous pop up thing too and got it! felt a little relieved actually. it's weird, it is almost like weird questions and my goodness! those pharm questions are ridiculously too many! I AM JUST GLAD ...
  14. Is anyone attending Navy ODS July 17th

    Hi there! I'm scheduled to go ODS on Aug 13!
  15. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    i just finished taking mines today and i am just glad it is all over :) best wishes to you!!