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  1. MermiesGreatGig

    Need advice/ information positive drug screen

    Best of luck to you in your plight. Also, way to go to all the medical professionals who replied to you so far. They were all soooo supportive. Usually, if a nurse mentions a little pot, people on here go ballistic and chastise the poor person. A little weed on occasion is harmless, IMHO. It helps me with Anxiety/Panic Disorder where anti-depressants (Lexapro, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Effexor, and Celexa), Benzos (Klonopin, Valium, and Ativan) and 2 psychotherapists couldn't. However, it's such a taboo for a medical professional to use. I don't want to turn this into a discussion about the use of MJ by nurses, though, so I'll just wrap it up...after all, this is your string. Hope it's years and years before the stuffy ole nursing board catches up to you...if ever. Keep up the top-notch nursing until then!!!
  2. MermiesGreatGig

    I think I passed...

    Took NCLEX RN this morning...2 hours...77 questions, and I'm hopeful! Did the Pearsonvue trick, and it indicated I passed. I graduated only 1 week ago and decided I'd rather strike while the iron was hot. I knew I probably wouldn't really do any quality studying with the holidays and my new job just starting. It helps that my school tested the holy fu** out of us from the very first week. I'm very fortunate in that my school consistently has 100% pass rate, too. Well, they usually kick out anyone that is in danger of not passing (which I totally disagree with). I used to hate them for all the testing, but now I want to go back and kiss every single one of my instructors. Good luck to all my fellow December grads. Here's too all of us!!!!!
  3. MermiesGreatGig

    It's really happening!

    I promised myself two years ago that I would make this post. On Monday, I will take my last final and will finish nursing school. I am crying as I type this post. I am 40 years old and dreamed of doing this for 15 years before ever having the guts to quit my lucrative first career and just GO FOR IT! I want to make this one plea to anyone out there who is struggling with making the plunge...if you want it...if you're willing to make sacrifices...if you're willing to work your booty off and suck it up for a while...you CAN and WILL succeed! This is, by far, the greatest accomplishment of my life, and it's ONLY the beginning! You can't go back and make a new start, but you can start now and make a new ending!!!!! Congratulations to all my fellow December 2010 graduates. Let's always remember where we've been as students, where we're going as nurses, and our duty to bring light into the lives of others...just like ole Florence did with her lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. MermiesGreatGig

    Inspiration for the Older Student

    More inspiration from an old fogey...I am 40 years old and ONE FINAL AWAY FROM FINISHING NURSING SCHOOL!!!!! I have shed more tears, drank more caffeine, and leaned on more shoulders than I can count...but, it's almost over. So, to all you old timers out there, it CAN be done! Keep the faith!
  5. MermiesGreatGig

    Are A's really not practical in nursing school?

    It truly depends on the program you're in. I went from straight As to B/Cs due to the difficulty of my specific school. Some schools are a little easier, but that doesn't mean you're as prepared to pass NCLEX, My school's philosophy is hard testing to weed out those who won't pass NCLEX...thus, my GPA is less than friends who chose other programs. But, always remember...C=NURSE!
  6. MermiesGreatGig

    How many people who start NS finish?

    My RN class started with 28, now down to 16. That doesn't even count the several who drop out of the pre-requisites like A&P and never even get started in the program.
  7. MermiesGreatGig

    How often do you get drug tested?

    Neither my school nor clinical sites do any drug screenings whatsoever.
  8. The job market is tough no matter which field you choose. However, the medical field is, by far, the most secure. People will always be sick. If this is your dream, then PLEASE go for it! Most hospitals are in need of CNAs. You could work part-time during school and have an excellent chance of stepping into an RN position. I just got hired as a Nurse Extern, and I start final semester in the fall. During my employer orientation, there were approximately 15 newly hired nurses...only about 3 had prior experience...the rest were all new grads. Nurses with experience are hard to find because most find what they love to do and stay there. Of course, hospitals prefer those with experience, as does any industry...but, they're not always going to find it. GO FOR IT!!!!!
  9. MermiesGreatGig

    Second year of nursing school harder/easier

    Hope this makes sense...the material is more difficult and in-depth than other semesters, but a 2nd year student is smarter by then and more experienced. I just finished third semester in my ADN program, and the 1st semester was BY FAR the worst.
  10. MermiesGreatGig

    Students are cut-throat!

    Yes, it's typical. Think about it...the same competitive spirit which gets one into a nursing program is the same competitive spirit which will get one through a nursing program. It's an ingrained trait...it's a part of you (and your classmates). I'm just finishing my 3rd semester of an ADN program, and it's always been an underlying theme. I used to throw around the word "clique" as negative, but I realize I do have my own "clique", too...I prefer to refer to us as just a group who bonded early in the program and rely on each other heavily for emotional and intellectual support. There's nothing wrong with that. Of course, there are those who just didn't seem to hit it off with others at the beginning, and they tend to feel isolated. That's really sad, because we all NEED a few others with whom to relate. It sounds like you're just getting started, though, so embrace a clique of your own, or you'll go crazy. Now, on to people being rude and gossiping...that, my friend, is probably from the female element of nursing. I am a proud female, but I'm also a realistic female. We tend to just be that way. I used to work in HR at a large bank. The banking industry is dominated by females, and the same type of things happened there. I can't tell you the number of times I had to hold a poor teller's hand and listen to her cry because "so and so" didn't say "hello" to her that morning. We are female, we are emotional, we are delicate, but we can also be royal "you know what's", too. All I can say is this is a very stressful time for all of you. There are going to be heartaches, there are going to be hurt feelings, there is going to be drama. There is no way to avoid it or stop it. But, you just keep your head up, and you will be able to rise above it all. And, believe me, one day you will laugh about all the silliness you are experiencing...and your classmates will, too! Good luck, hold on, and just enjoy the ride!!!!! It will actually go by much faster than you think!
  11. MermiesGreatGig

    Why pinning?

    As someone who is going to graduate in December, I suspect pinning ceremonies are still done because of the tight bond formed among each nursing class. We started with 28 in my class, and there are only 16 of us left. We spend each and every day together, depend on each other, and share many emotional moments. We are kind of separated from the rest of the college...it's just the nature of the beast. I guess it only makes sense to have our own private ceremony. Traditional graduations involve hundreds, even thousands or people you never even lay eyes on while at school...it's so impersonal and generalized. I don't believe the pinning in and of itself is the reason for the gathering anymore, although it's still called a "pinning ceremony". It's simply included in the celebratory occasion...and, believe me, nursing graduates are ready to celebrate!
  12. MermiesGreatGig

    Mature Student: Job Prospects?

    I will graduate in December at the ripe young age of 40. Prior to nursing school I had a very lucrative HR career. I can honestly tell you that any prospective employer is NOT interested in age. They are interested in finding a competent employee who WANTS to work. I hired so many people who simply wanted a paycheck. Just push your individual assets, and you will be fine. PROMISE!!!!!
  13. MermiesGreatGig

    I am still in Shock!!

    Congratulations to you as you embark on your special journey. I'm finishing my 3rd semester and will graduate in December at the ripe young age of 40. My advice is to enjoy the summer and spend time doing all the things which are important to you. Nursing school will become whatever you allow it to become...either an exciting adventure or Hell on Earth...it's up to you. It will be difficult, emotional, draining, and you'll wonder why all your brain cells died. But, IT IS doable, and the rewards at the end of your journey are immense! Congratulations to YOU!
  14. MermiesGreatGig

    I really CANNOT believe it

    Thank you for your post. You brought a tear to my eye. I am finishing 3rd semester at the age of 39. Only one more to go. I am so tired at this point that I just want it to be DONE, but I'll rally over the summer and persevere. It's always nice to read posts like yours. I'll be doing one myself in December! Best of luck to you.
  15. MermiesGreatGig

    Help?? What should I do?

    GO TO THE INTERVIEW!!!!! Just reading a few of the posts on this bulletin board should tell you how competitive it is to just get into nursing school. So many people never even get the chance. Now, it's your turn! Go for it, and never look back. Just imagine how you'll feel if you do the phone interview and DON'T get in. You'll question your decision for the rest of your life. Just do it. :)
  16. I think you need to do some soul searching and decide if nursing is your dream career or not. If it is, then go for it, and find a woman who isn't so shallow as to judge someone for their career choice. Being almost done with school, and having had the pleasure of being in class with 3 males, I can tell you I admire these guys for their dedication, passion, and strength. Wonderful qualities any girl looks for in a guy! Good luck!!!!!