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  1. Nclex rn

    My state does offer it but since my exam is on hold I'm not able to get the results until the hold is lifted I just wish I knew if I passed or not I guess they did have some promblems with my palm scan I had to redo my right hand like three times b...
  2. Nclex rn

    I took my nclex Monday at 12 and tried the pearsonvue trick and it states my results are on hold tried today to get my quick results and it says my results are not available. When I called NCSBN they said that my test has been put on hold and they ca...
  3. Evidenced based practice

    Hello! I am trying to write my evidenced based practice paper and I am having a hard time finding a topic. It has to be related to what we are learning in class(which makes sense) I guess! So anyway I was at first going to do donor specific transfusi...
  4. I'm a CNA and passed LPN boards what now..

    They already told me that in order for me to get an LPN job is to go in and re-apply. Well I don't really want to work there as an LPN. I actually already have an LPN job lined up where I am supposed to orientate next week. I just needed to know if t...
  5. I'm a CNA at a long term care facility, I've only been working there a couple of months and I just recently took and passed my boards. Hoping to get my license today or tomorrow. But what I am asking is Im scheduled to work every other weekend. Well ...
  6. Took Nclex this morning..

    I really hope so.. guess i know on thursday ha
  7. Took Nclex this morning..

    Took the nclex this morning for pn, it shut off after 85 questions and I had about over 40 select all apply questions!! Couldnt believe it but tried to register and it said I couldnt register at this time.. does that mean I passed...
  8. Question re: ATT

    I graduated 12-12-12 in Iowa and haven't heard anything back yet.
  9. Freaking out after reading how many people have failed NCLEX!

    I also received a 98% pass rate on Ati.. have to let me know how you do. I graduated 12-12-12 and I still haven't heard back from the Iowa board of nursing yet to give me my ATT.. seems like it is taking forever. I have only been studying saunders an...