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  1. How To Spot a Workplace Bully, Part Three

    Getting the he** out of here now. The supervisor is indeed the bully and while it seemed paranoid at the time, I made notes regarding what and when. What to do with this information? Not much. However- manager is aware, is bullied herself it would se...
  2. My manager went off on me!

    Ah yes. The subjective Interpersonal Communication. This one gets us all. Its not what you do- its how you made other people feel about what you did and how you did it. Is this fair? Maybe. Finding a deficiency that cannot be measured with obj...
  3. Diversity.. at what price?

    I have also worked with a wide variety of colleagues- with varying degrees of accents. It is not racist or inappropriate to be concerned with how easy it is to communicate with one another. I am living in a cultural mosaic- no melting pot here. Howev...
  4. Issues @ work with coworker

    Keep your nose out of it. No no no no. If we are professionals, with a duty to ourselves and our clients, we would not adopt a head in the sand approach. A coworker with potential substance abuse issues and boundary issues needs to be checked. The...
  5. Unsupportive 'team' members

    Hi. I do not know if your employer conducts "exit interviews" with HR when you leave. One of my old employers did. It was conducted with an HR person, and went up the chain to be discussed regarding staffing, recruitment and retention to ensure tha...
  6. Offservice

    We take any number of off-service patients. While we are a respiratory and infectious disease ward, we were known to be able to make a bed for anyone. Today is bipap, tomorrow is suicide protocol for a soldier from the local base. We could do it all....
  7. What's wrong with kids today? (and I'm not even that old)

    Childhood now extends into the upper 20s. It is no longer the case where you are raised to move out and fend for yourself. Many parents are happy to assist in extending their child's childhood because life is hard, and they want to protect their ch...